Lifting The Spirits


The Craddock House Nursing Home, Naas, County Kildare

To wit:

The owners of Craddock House (Bríd and Karl Gallagher) decided to build a strong visual sensory area in their Dementia Care unit for the purpose of creating a stimulating space for residents and a place to reflect, relax and enjoy.

They engaged local craft-person Kevin O’Rourke of Country Kitchens (Ballymare Eustace) to design and build a streetscape of old shopfronts that included; a Post Office, Flower Shop, Sweet Shop/Ice Cream Parlour, General Mercantile, Garage, Pub, Antiques Shop and a functioning Hairdressers.  Mock cottage facades and walls formed part of the new streetscape…

In fairness.

Mock Street Scene at Craddock House Nursing Home (Retail Design)

6 thoughts on “Lifting The Spirits

  1. eoin

    I wonder is Granny fed up with auld lads wandering in at times of the day and night looking for a pint of porter.

  2. Praetorian.

    Parke lodge nursing home outside Killkock has a mock up street scape on the grounds with an old P&T phonebox,postbox,shopfronts,benches…it’s lovely and relaxing.

    1. Scundered

      If the memory is beyond repair, and they can get comfort out of the things they can remember in the distant past then why not? Those who do have good mental health will understand it surely?

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