Three hundred and sixty-five per cent?


Focus Ireland has launched the following video as part of its campaign to highlight the problem of homelessness.


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14 thoughts on “How Much?

      1. Cian

        It is grim.

        We need to build more homes. I’ve never said otherwise.

        It is shameful, the government are failing us.

        1. italia'90

          Ah no Cian.

          Your party is a failure, has been failing the nation and will continue to
          fail ad nauseum.

          (No different from the old boss)

          Your party’s core neo con beliefs prevent sensible and obvious solutions to very fixable problems we face as a nation.

          Please stop insulting our intelligence with meaningless, political aspirational soundbytes which make you appear as believeable as the bafoon in 10 Downing st.

          Stop incentivising the gamblers who wrecked the economy and the gougers who have always been protected and the tax avoiding scavangers of Michael Noonan fame.

          Give the local county councils back the power and authority to build social and affordable housing. They are sitting on a lot of land already and are best placed to project manage with an additional regional authority hold them accountable.

          Too simple or the wrong ideology perhaps?

  1. martco

    ya but loike this is purfectly normal when you compare us to lots of other countries…etc

    haven’t heard much recently outof the minister for nice folks from ranelagh recently. incompetent willy.

    1. postmanpat

      rude language alert !!!. rude language alert!!!!! Agrahhh my frickin ears!!!! Bodger do something!!!! Its not pleasant to see. Id expect this from the Journal. youtube , reddit, facebook, thousands of discus forums and thousands of others across the internet ,,,but not here!!! remove please. However will Broadsheet ever maintain its false sense of moral superiority?!!! Replace with ‘poo’ or ‘self pleasurer’ anything .quick!!!

  2. eoin

    I am still having difficulty processing the fact, that, for Dublin alone, 378 kids have been in emergency accommodation for more than 2 years, as revealed at the bottom of page 4 of the analysis publshed by the Dept of Housing this week.

    378 kids in emergency accommodation for a duration exceeding two Christmases, maybe covering the junior and leaving certs.. At what cost? And I’m not talking about the B&B cost. If this isn’t getting people on the streets, I don’t know what will.

  3. Mr.Fart

    you’d think they’d stop at dying women, you’d think they’d stop at homeless kids .. they won’t. fine gael do not admit fault, and they do not change their ways. this won’t improve. they have to be removed. they’ll dig in like ticks, we need to ignite a french style revolution and oust the rich and greedy.

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