Thick, Toxic Ooze


What a character.

He’s crying on the TV about his family situation’ – Roy Keane hits out at Walters, Arter and Ward (

Jon Walters?

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19 thoughts on “Thick, Toxic Ooze

  1. Tarfton Clax

    Keane, yesterday’s man addicted to attention. Was a great footballer, but a failure as even an approximation of a human being. the less we hear from him the better.

  2. TheQ47

    I was firmly in the Keane camp in 2002, thought he was badly treated at the time.

    But, as time has gone on, it’s getting harder to justify still liking him. He’s turned into a right see you next Tuesday, and maybe McCarthy was right in Saipan after all.

    1. Mr.Fart

      regardless of training facilities, if you’re at a world cup and going to play for (and be important to) your country .. you fupping play. storming off and going home because the conditions weren’t tip top is very weak and childish. if you had to train in plimsoles in a carpark with a blindfold on you’d do it because you are doing it for your country.

  3. martco

    ah lads catch yerselves on & get some humor will ye? (jasus this is nearly as funny as the roadshow itself)

    ffs it was a roast. quite a funny one too I thought.

    1. TheQ47

      A roast is a comedic way of honouring a specific individual (who is usually in the room when it’s happening) by insulting them, and joking at their expense. The implication is that the person being roasted is able to take the joke and it’s not intended as a serious criticism or insult.

      Unless Walters was in the room (or at the very least aware that this was going to happen), this wasn’t a roast, just mean-spirited.

  4. RuilleBuille

    Keane walked out of Saipan in order to sell his book. Saipan was no worse or better than any of our other preparations.

    Keane is a prize classless knacker who will never make it as a manager.

  5. martco

    ah g’wan I don’t think it was malice..if you watch the clip you can see he’s being playful mischievous as opposed to being plain hostile mischievous…just looked a bit roasty to me anyway.

  6. class wario

    I don’t think it was necessarily meant as a dig at Walters, however crass it was regardless. It feels like Keane has zero emotional cop-on and finds the idea of expressing any sort of emotion other than stone faced fury in public as being totally alien. I feel sorry for him in a sense. He’ll be in the same position in 10 years time wondering why he didn’t succeed as manager, sure didn’t Cloughy do worse…

  7. Bertie Theodore Alphege Blenkinsop

    I don’t trust any Irish person that doesn’t love Roy Keane.

    Walters is a Tory.

    1. Ghost of Yep

      Walters a gent on and off the pitch and if he didn’t consistently put in the effort he did we never would have done as well as we did.

      You’re wrong Bertie. Wrong.

      1. Bertie Theodore Alphege Blenkinsop

        He posted a tweet celebrating David Cameron winning the election.
        Tory twit.

  8. B9Com From No

    Puzzled at those who opine above that Keane “won’t make it “ as manager? How do you mean exactly guys?

  9. milliem

    As an Ipswich supporter I can tell you that Keane was completely useless. His tactics were inept and naive, he had no idea about man management and he wasted boatloads of money on rubbish players. He insisted that all the players had to live within 20 minutes drive of the training ground yet he lived 40 minutes drive away.

    Mick McCarthy’s brand of football was pretty dreadful to watch but the players gave him 100% loyalty because he treated them with respect, something that Keane has never done to any of his staff or players in his managerial life.

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