BBC reports:

Mr Johnson voted Remain in the 2016 EU membership referendum, while his brother co-led the Leave campaign.

He resigned as a minister last year in protest at Theresa May’s Brexit deal.

But he re-entered government during the summer, after Conservative Party members elected his brother as leader.

PM’s brother quits as Tory MP and minister (BBC)


Today’s [UK] The Sun.


Boris Johnson brands Jeremy Corbyn a ‘chicken’ for blocking a snap General Election and making ‘the mother of all U-turns (The Sun)


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19 thoughts on “Broxit

  1. Formerly known as

    Who would have thought that when you make a bumbling idiot the PM, that he continues to be a bumbling idiot!

    1. martco

      indeed but I reckon we’re all focussed on him when we should be more interested in darker boo boos like Cummings & Rees-1837

  2. eoin

    First, on your first day back after the holidays, you have to watch a Tory MP being guided onto the opposition benches, thereby losing your 1-MP majority.
    Then, 21 MPs, 7% of your total, decide to rebel against you and vote with the opposition. And another couple subsequently jump ship to join the rebels.They include some of the most blue-rinsed blue-blooded Tories imaginable.
    And, on the third day, your brother tells you to stick the ministership where the sun don’t shine, and he quits, which means, the 1-MP majority you had on Tuesday has flipped into a 25-MP deficit. At least the 10 DUP MPs are now totally useless, but cheesh, that’s some 72 hours.

  3. GiggidyGoo

    So, Coveney has just admitted on Prime Time that we will have to build border structures in the case of a hard brexit.
    Fine Gael – the party who brought the border back to Ireland.
    West Brits do what West Brits do.

    1. eoin

      It’s far worse than that, he’s gaslighting us into thinking it’s our fault for being shocked at what is now coming out about a no-deal Brexit. Even though FG ministers were shocked during the 5-hour Cabinet meeting in Dublin on Tueday night, Coveney is surprised that the rest of us might be shocked!

      10,000 job losses in one sector, tourism/hospitality, within three months. Border checks and infrastructure and the unrest that will trigger. What about house prices and a 20% drop? Yes, Simon, we are shocked, and no, you’ve gone out of your way to conceal this detail from us.

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