Mesmirising Makerover



Carlosfandango writes:

So, this is a very talented and hard working young man. He goes to an incredible amount of effort to produce fabulously detailed videos on his restoration escapades.

This one (above) is a compilation of the restoration of a beautiful Range Rover Classic. It’s mesmerising.

It would be very helpful for this chap if we collectively got his subscribers up – he deserves it. I am biased, this is middle aged porn for a petrolhead like me…

SOUP Classic Motoring

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2 thoughts on “Mesmirising Makerover

  1. postmanpat

    Okay .I appreciate restoration but are we promoting the use of fuel guzzling status symbols in this day and age? Any roof rack can carry a surf board. Most D reg Range Rover drivers don’t look like the active type anyway. They are more I-own-the-road type. No class . flabby , selfish and environmentally irresponsible.

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