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Body found near train tracks in Drumcondra, Co Dublin (The Irish Mirror)

Pic via Hannah Murphy

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4 thoughts on “In Drumcondra

  1. eoin

    RIP, also, best wishes to the Irish Rail staff who usually are the first on the scene. Sadly, this type of incident isn’t unusual.

    1. baz

      once again my words are edited. Truthful statements not allowed here.

      wrong think not allowed this morning it appears.

  2. H

    I hate it when the train companies use the term ‘trespasser’ when referring to someone who has passed away on their lines. Yes, the person has trespassed but I feel it shows a lack of respect for a life lost. If they are still alive then fair enough but if not I would prefer if they said person or body and avoided using a word that implies someone is actively committing a crime.

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