Deer And Present Danger




Unspecified forest, County Wicklow.

A comfy high chair shooting platform used to kill wild deer.

According to the Irish Times last year: ‘Wicklow accounts for over a third of all deer shot by licensed hunters in Ireland in the last hunting season, and a high concentration of deer in certain areas has been linked to outbreaks of TB.’

The deer hunting season began on September 1.

Eamonn Farrell/Rollingnews

Previously: Deer culling programme in Wicklow to intensify

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19 thoughts on “Deer And Present Danger

    1. postmanpat

      The hunter and his family I’m guessing. Big freezer and that will last all year. Although Id rather see wolves reintroduced. It would make country strolls way more interesting.

    2. Slightly Bemused

      Not sure about Wicklow, but I read that in the south (Cork, I think) the licensed cullers were paid in a ‘keep it’ manner, meaning the hunter kept the carcass for personal use. May be something similar here.

    3. Spaghetti Hoop

      Some of it goes to Wicklow butchers and beyond. Wish there was more of it (and a tad cheaper) – venison is a lovely meat.

      1. Bonkers

        Wild Irish Game supply it to butchers around the country, they used to sell direct to the public but now only to trade. They also sell pheasant, woodcock, partridge and they import crocodile, kangaroo and wild boar. Made a wild boar ragu last winter and it was delicious
        Stockists here
        Better though is to get to know a hunter and have lots of freezer space available. A good few have excess supply and sell it off privately.

        1. Spaghetti Hoop

          Brilliant – thanks for that list, Bonkers. Will buy a haunch very soon. Marinaded in red wine with juniper berries and plums and then slow-roasted – with the end bits plonked in the slow cooker with the marinade for a stew. I used to get it directly from cullers in Killarney National Park and Glenveagh but the lads I knew no longer shoot.

          BTW, if you ever come across camel meat (probably not in Ireland), it’s gorgeous. Very distinctive musky flavour, like venison.

    4. GiggidyGoo

      Michael Jackson used to, but he fired his chef. The chef asked why?
      It’s ‘The way you make me veal”

  1. Bonkers

    I live in the Wicklow hills and nearly hit a doe with her two fawns last winter when they were crossing the road out of a forest and into farmland. It could have been serious as Im on a motorbike and they just sprint out in front you kamikaze style. They come down the mountain to lower ground in spring and love grazing on a local golf course, the greenskeeper goes ape but must admit I love seeming them out and about, they’re such a beautiful animal. Tasty too, no lack of delicious venison here in Wicklow

  2. some old queen

    and a high concentration of deer in certain areas has been linked to outbreaks of TB.

    Outbreaks of TB in what? Cows- sheep- humans- what? And are they saying that the deer in the Wicklow hills are infected or elsewhere? If elsewhere then that is a non argument.

    As for the inconvenience- you live with it. I am speaking as someone who has them in my vicinity- they are a beautiful animal- they can be cheeky buggers at times but they are as much part of nature’s plan as you or I.

    1. Cian

      I’d guess in cows. TB is very serious and whole herds get culled if any get TB.

      I knew that the farmers blamed badgers for TB and we all into killing them – never heard about deer before….

      1. some old queen

        Which is why I asked.

        Also if it is a risk to beef and dairy- how much of that is there in Wicklow hills to begin with? of course any deer found to have TB should not get into the food chain to begin with.

          1. GiggidyGoo

            Well, soq, what a complete childish, immature post to make. You’ll look back on it when you grow up and grimace at your childhood musings.
            Tsk tsk. There there there.

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