“Tears Were Running Down My Face As I Read This”


Peter Reynolds and For Ava by Vera Twomey

‘An extraordinary book. Vera’s achievement as a novice author matches her achievement as a novice campaigner.

I’ve worked with people who use cannabis as medicine for 40 years and I thought I was pretty hardened to the tragic and distressing stories but the tears were running down my face as I read this.

I was concerned it might be a rather turgid list of events but far from it, it is a riveting read. It is almost like a thriller, beautifully structured, it grabs you and won’t let you put it down as you have to turn to the next page.

The central message is of the inhumanity of bureaucracy and self-serving politicians who are not interested in an issue unless it can bring them easy and positive media coverage.

They are impotent in the face of lobbying from vested interests such as the pharma industry and the medical establishment and prefer to do nothing rather than risk controversy, even while children suffer needlessly.

A magnificent achievement and SHAME on Simon Harris, Fine Gael and the Irish government.

They will face judgement at the highest level for their inaction, cowardice and feeble conduct.’

Peter Reynolds President of CLEAR (Cannabis Law Reform) on For Ava By Vera Twomey (Mercier Press).

Review. ‘For Ava’. For the Shame of Simon Harris, Fine Gael and the Irish Government (Peter Reynolds)

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14 thoughts on ““Tears Were Running Down My Face As I Read This”

    1. Slightly Bemused

      Travel safe and enjoy the hols! Sorry the book did not arrive in time. I just put the delay down to them having so much else to do :)

      1. Slightly Bemused

        Cheers, Bodger. Appreciate it. I was luckier than Millie in that I had no holiday plans, so was not worried by the delay. As I said, I reckoned you were busy, and this is not a priority.

      2. millie vanilly strikes again

        Thanks Bodge ;)

        I was, of course, only teasing. I look forward to reading the book.

  1. Louis Lefronde

    I bought four copies of this book and gave three away to friends and relatives. I figure that when they realize what happened to Vera could easily happen to them or someone else they know, this might shift the political class in this country into realizing the era of cannabis prohibition is over.

    Btw. I haven’t seen any reviews of Vera’s on The Irish Times (dependent on Government and Property advertising)

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