Meanwhile, In The Rediscovery Centre


This morning.

The Boiler House, Ballymun Road., Ballymun, Dublin 9.

The Social Democrats’ pre-Dáil Think-In at the Rediscovery Centre with, above, from left Catherine Murphy‎ ‎TD‎, Cllr Nuala Killeen (Leixlip) and Róisín Shortall TD.

More as they think it.

Soc Dems: Gov needs to ensure ordinary people don’t pay price of Brexit (Irish Examiner)


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8 thoughts on “Meanwhile, In The Rediscovery Centre

  1. eoin

    Good luck to them, but, after four years, it’s a poor reflection on us all that they are where they are. I think 8 TDs in the next Dail is fantasy, they’ll be extremely lucky to have four. Both Roisin and Catherine are premiere league, no doubt, and they’re punching well above their weight, but they’re just not attracting the talent or resources.

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