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  1. Formerly Known As @ireland.com

    “England hold on to hope.” I thought that was a Brexit story. But with BoJo in charge, that isn’t the situation.

    1. some old queen

      Boris said I could bring up secret baby- not the first time he has had difficulty negotiating a withdrawal agreement so.

      1. Pol O'Conchuir

        Yet another example of the “Irish” Mail on Sunday using a British sourced article on their top front page. They really have given up on supporting Irish writers. I hope the Irish people give them their answer and stop buying their so called “Irish” paper. It’s pretty obvious now they’re just in it to get as much money as they can and dump as many stories from the British edition on the Irish market.

        1. eoin

          It is indeed amazing that nearly 52,000 people will pay €3 for the Irish Mail on Sunday, especially when its main stories are available free at its heavily promoted website [which I see is even sponsoring the League of Ireland in an attempt to build profile]


          The full RTE story is there, but there’s absolutely nothing new in it.

  2. V

    Seriously. who do PAC and Séan Fleming think they’re fooling?

    Big talk
    That’s all it is

    Halfing the pay of the top 50 earners out there, will at best, release 25 million p.a. back into the p&l
    And if ye think cutting 25 mill a year will save the place and make it not only viable, but also a vital and a valuable resource for the Irish Citizen
    Then ye should stfu now

    It’s not that Marion efFin’ucane is paid 400k
    It’s the fact that’s she’s on the air at all

    1. Lilly

      What’s wrong with Marian? Brendan O’Conor did a reasonably good interview with Salman Rushdie last week but with Marian at the mic, it would have been riveting.

      1. Chlorinated RTE Canteen Chicken

        What’s wrong with Marian? Her carbon footprint is her trademark. That’s it.

        Pure Dinner Party Basic B*tch Sindo Bullsh*t.*

    2. eoin

      RTE broke even in 2013 and 2014. Under Dee Forbes, it has lost nearly €40 million and squandered the proceeds from selling a big whack of the family silver. Dee Forbes needs to go and a new CEO (forget the DG business, you’re not the BBC or some prestigious agency of state) needs to cut the cloth according to its means. Agreements needs to be repudiated, so examinership is probably the thing.

      1. V

        It’s board need to resign

        The only way
        At the moment anyway
        To enter receivership is to apply for a voluntary liquidation

        That’s not going to happen under Fine Gael
        RTÉ are the only supporters they have FFS

        The Board need to go
        Impose an immediate cap on salaries
        And put Independent Standards and Compliance Officers over all production depts; news, sports, light entertainment, current affairs, drama etc
        Proper Internal Audit
        To at least halt the Mountrosies feathering their nests, and enhancing their profiles at the taxpayers expense

        At the very least we need to be certain of honest transparent and unbiased broadcasting

        Sacking Dee Forbes is not going to sort RTÉ out and make it a genuine reliable National Broadcaster deserving our support

        Start with sacking the Board

        1. Ron

          As long as they continue to put absolute talentless manure on bloated salaries they will continue to fail. 2FM used to be a good station. Have ya heard that Zamparelli one. 2 tones to this incredibly annoying ‘radio voice’ she thinks she needs to talk with. Unfunny, and it’s like she got a new Yamaha keyboard and just discovered it makes fart noises, and every once in a while throw in the F word to show how ‘hip’ she is! mother of divine baby Jesus, it’s like torture to your ears

          1. Steph Pinker

            B9Com From No; maybe you’re thinking of Rob_G, the FG lackey who lives in Brussels and is spending the rest of his youth [and Irish taxpayers money] on BS and fine dining?

    3. Tommy Bohan

      RTE keep going on about how they have the highest listened to programmes and that is correct. Why then do they not generate far more from advertising. When I listen to Morning Ireland they have so few ads and many of them are advertising other RTE programmes. Yet they expect us to pay. They should be getting far more from advertising. I know Newstalk is a commercial station but they have WAY more ads. It’s completely lazy by RTE. They just expect us (the public) to get the money for them. Obviously they should slash their top earners. Marian Finucane is excellent but for 4 hours of broadcasting, and she’s on crazy money. Plus how many researcers and other staff work for her. Co on RTE. Most young people don’t listen to RTE.

      1. Rob_G

        AFAIK, commercial stations are allowed to have more advertising per hour than RTÉ, to reflect the fact that RTÉ benefits from the licence fee.

  3. Half a nanology

    Ah c’mon…
    MF is our biggest threat?

    She riles you up?


    You’d swap places in a blink.
    Stop being so jealous.

    1. V

      ‘course I would
      I wouldn’t even need the time it takes to blink
      And I couldn’t do much worse
      But the barrier would be that my hands are too clean for them, I’m free from conflict and value Independence and Transparency more than 400k per annum

      However my point is based on the quality of recent broadcasts
      Guests, the same circle of pals, talking over each other like they’re a transition year debating club
      The constant shuffling of papers – like a litter of puppies running amok
      And the host sounding like she’s sucking on a mouthful of lozenges

      1. Lilly

        I agree they could shape up, although I don’t mind Marian sounding hoarse half the time. What I mind is the bland, predictable, anodyne bores all over the place who claim to be ‘excited’ about everything, no matter how banal.

        1. Paulus

          Marian’s problem is she knows she must avoid “dead air”; so while she’s gathering her scattered thoughts and paper she just uses stock phrases and old Irishisms to fill the gap: Terribly annoying to listen to at all at all and we’re all going to hell in a handcart so we are…indeed we are to be sure to be sure: But come here and tell me this now…..drone…yawn

          1. Lilly

            It HAS to be said! At least she has a sharp brain, which is more than can be said for a lot of twits on our airwaves. You know if she gets a decent interviewer, she’s up to the task. I don’t mind the Irishisms either; rather those than the Americanisms from idiots who start all their sentences with a big whiny ‘so’.

          2. bisted

            …Broadsheet lolled us into a false sense of security by saying that Brendan O’Connor had been dropped by RTE and there he was back as a sub…first thing I heard he was interviewing some dreadful Tory who talked about ‘bringing the EU to heel’.,.Marian would have eatenhim alive but dreadful O’Connor let him off…

          3. V

            I agree Lil
            Especially how she managed sports
            But her best is behind her, and her repeated failure to remain unbiased and Independent makes her untrustworthy.
            RTÉ is paying 400k pa to maintain a car with no resale value, takes up too much valuable real estate, and will cost more money to decommission.

            As taxpayers we cannot be polite or slow to react to the diminishing of a valuable asset owned by the Irish Citizen, along with the infrastructure of a National broadcast platform; that RTÉ got FOR NOTHING

            Particularly it’s reputation and goodwill

            The atrocities of obscene pay / costs for incompetent, inveigled, and unreliable content- year after year after year, is not just Dee Forbes fault but it is her responsibility.
            Same goes for producing product that fails to be picked up (exported)

            RTÉ cannot be allowed burn cash to maintain its policy of patronage and protection while their unaccountable overpaid figureheads exploit their positions.

            And that PAC crowd won’t be doing a bit about it either

          4. B9Com From No

            I’ve turned it off now altogether
            O’Connor is execrable

            Miriam was in again this morning droning on
            Are they paid by the hour?

          5. Lilly

            Which of us is unbiased V? I get the impression with Marian that her opinions are at least her own and she’s not just trotting out the party line, doing someone else’s bidding. I don’t necessarily agree that her best is behind her either. I’m not in favour of change just for the sake of it. Or giving someone the door just because they’ve been around a while. Shake up her team and Marian will come up with the goods. She’s streets ahead of Miriam, for example, although Miriam is undeniably more slick.

          6. V

            You know Lil
            Many of us
            Have to work through those personal bias’
            And provide independent professional advice

            The taxpayer doesn’t underwrite my professional incompetence, or careless regard to professional standards and duty of care

            Unfortunately, and it is regrettable for someone who is incredibly talented, and deserved a bigger audience with an international network career, that the convenience and comfort using the the same three four dozen regulars had all the appearance of treating her panel like a pair of old slippers.

            She developed far too many personal relationships to retain her professional integrity and fulfill her professional obligations to a public service audience with any decent standard of independent rigour.
            ie ColGate
            Familiarity risk is a common enough Conflict of Interest

            Just saying

            Btw Miriam is no different at all
            But at least she doesn’t pretend she’s above it all by trying to hide her gaudy indifference to anyone she’s not related to.
            That applies to Ryan even more so, as he assumes RTÉ exists for his benefit anyway.

            Ray D’Arce is the biggest insult of all
            Window dressing by RTÉ
            Deliberately over paying to create the impression that they’re winning that / those slots


          7. B9Com From No

            Agreed. I don’t get Darcy at all.
            On Today fm he was annoying but he had personality and a real profile. On RTÉ radio I turn him off as soon as he comes on. Dull, dull, dull

          8. Lilly

            Clear them all out so – their salaries are indeed obscene – but I, and many like me, would miss Marian of a Saturday morning. She has a unique voice and is a constant, a quintessential part of Irish life. I can’t quite explain it but there’s something comforting and reassuring in hearing her husky ‘hello there’ on Saturday morning after a grueling week.

          9. B9Com From No

            Wheezy cough = €300k pa?
            Seriously Lilly?

            In a more beautiful world Marian would have been farmed out to a private sector podcast years ago like Dunphy and Giles – I disagree with your POV lilly – because of her obvious lack of research and respect for her audience and literally phoning it in, she ought to be decommissioned- she has nothing to offer to a millennial audience- if you want nostalgia or comfort try Ireland’s Own and Epsom Salts

          10. Lilly

            That’s on a Sunday V, I can’t listen to that panel poo. Ditch the Sunday show, keep Saturday’s – €200K saving right there.

            LOL @ B9. She’s not meant to do the research, that’s why she has researchers. I’m not saying she couldn’t up her game, but I am saying don’t throw the baby out with the bath water. She needs a better team around her. I enjoy a variety of podcasts – check out The State of Us from a couple of 20-something Bray gals (they like the word gals), a good laugh – but any media landscape needs broadcasters of all ages and Marian brings an incisive wit to the table when she can be bothered.

  4. eoin

    Another day, and the British politics equation, Chaos (today)= Chaos (Yesterday) + 1, holds true. How many more MPs can Johnson lose and does it really matter any more? Will Johnson be jailed?!

    If I were Johnson, I would fire off a letter this morning to Donald Tusk to announce that the UK has left the EU, with immediate effect. Article 50 notice has been given by the UK and has now expired, that’s the strictly legal part. It seems to me these extensions, first from 31 March 2019 to 12 April and then 12 April to 31 October are merely gentlemen’s agreements, and Bojo ain’t no gentleman. Of course, an immediate crash out would be chaotic, but, you know, take a look at the front pages above

    1. some old queen

      An immediate crash out would be more than chaotic- people will die through lack of medicine- hundreds of thousands made redundant within weeks- food riots so bad that Marshall law would be declared- it would be anarchy not just chaos.

      No deal is so bad that two of the biggest global banks operating in London’s financial district have stated they would prefer Corbyn.


  5. eoin

    Ah, isn’t that nice, the shady Richard Bruton has appointed Gavin Duffy’s squeeze Orlaith Carmody to the board of the Broadcasting Authority of Ireland. Gavin was the recent presidential candidate who didn’t do very well; he has a distinctive FG tint, though doubtless, such considerations would be irrelevant to someone like Richard. Shure, not even the conclusions by a cross-party committee on the National Broadband Plan would derail Richard in his quest to award the contract to Denis, he’s his own man, to be sure.

    1. V


      That answers so many questions Eoin

      Incidentally, you forgot to add that Ms Carmody is a former RTÉ NED, so does have some experience. And Familiarity risk. Oops
      So how convenient you didn’t notice that or were you too eager to use squeeze and her male connection

  6. some old queen

    An immediate crash out would be more than chaotic- people will die through lack of medicine- hundreds of thousands made redundant within weeks- food riots so bad that Marshall law would be declared- it would be anarchy not just chaos.

    No deal is so bad that two of the biggest global banks operating in London’s financial district have stated that they would prefer Corbyn.


    1. Cathal

      Sounds like a bad disaster movie, good portion of UK imports don’t come from EU so won’t be slowed in any way. Warehouses are full and have been for the last year so no food shortages, bananas and avocadoes .at be scarce, redundancies will occur most likely occur in financial services, not real jobs so no loss. There will be more job losses here and the effects will be much more pronounced.

      1. some old queen

        Or the other way of looking at it is that a good proportion of UK imports, especially fresh food comes from within the EU and that which does not are under EU trade agreements- which will no longer apply.

        After forty years of integration into the EU- ALL UK imports will be affected- how could they not?

        Some medicines in particular have a short shelf life, like insulin. Or, take the refrigerated containers of cancer drugs- very specific temperatures of up to -40 degrees. A lorry tank of diesel is burned at twice maybe three times the usual rate so some will never reach patients if there are any delays.

        But I take you point- UK has for the most part developed into a service industry economy- problem is, that was at the expense of manufacturing which they will badly need upon no deal.

  7. eoin

    The chaos in the British parliament is certainly box office. BBC Parliament has record ratings. Not quite at Eastenders level yet, but it’s getting there. Clips from last week are getting 10m+ views. And there’s the Rees Mogg laid-back meme. This was my favorite last week from the Speaker Jon Bercow

    “Order. It is very rude for Members—
    [Interruption.] Order. I say to the Chancellor of the
    Duchy of Lancaster [Michael Gove] that, when he turns up at our
    children’s school as a parent, he is a very well-behaved
    fellow. He would not dare to behave like that in front of
    Colin Hall [the headteacher at the Holland Park School], and neither would I. Do not gesticulate. Do
    not rant. Spare us the theatrics. Behave yourself. Be a
    good boy, young man. Be a good boy. [Interruption.]
    Yes, we know the theatrics that the right hon. Gentleman
    perfected in the Oxford Union. We are not interested.
    Be quiet”

    Imagine our Ceann Comhairle using that language with our effective deputy PM, Coveney!

    1. some old queen

      That was quite out of order by Becrow (pun)- now everyone knows both their children go to Holland Park- a comprehensive mind- security will need to be stepped up I expect.

      I find the HP behaviour quite bizarre- English people lay quite a lot of importance on manners and being socially polite and yet here they are shouting each other down like barrow boys- business would be done in half the time if they STFU until it is their time to speak.

  8. eoin

    Yay! The SBP is back in De Papers. It’s also a bigger offering today, back to its traditional number of articles; of course number of articles isn’t a substitute for quality, but the downsizing was noticeable in the past few months. Lise Hand joins her old editor at the Times Ireland, Ritchie Oakley.

    Not sure there’s much by way of business or economic news or independent analysis in there, though. It’s still a shadow of its former self in the mid 2010s.

    In the Sunday Times this week, they report about the sale by the former owner of the SBP, Key to the current owner, Kilcullen, last year. They say Key, the form sold the SBP for a little more than €1 million, though oddly, Key gave Kilcullen a 5-year €100,000 loan with a 6% annual interest rate to facilitate the loan. This smells whiffy. Why the need for such a relatively small loan.And where did Kilcullen get €1m? From some telecoms deal in Czechia? My backside.

    The Sunday Times says Key wrote off €1.1m in the sale. That’s one helluva loss on a business that has apparently been overall loss-making since Key bought it in 2012. Somehow, I don’t think we’re getting the full story on this transaction.

      1. eoin

        Not sure where you’re getting 500k from, the specific terms of the deal were never publicised. The Phoenix did have some claims, and there were the accounts themselves. What I’ve written above is from the Sunday Times today which talks about a €100,000 loan at 6%.

  9. eoin

    There’s more Reds under De Beds, and this time, it ain’t no Russki, it’s dey Chinese! John Mooney presents us with an analysis by a teensy US firm that none of us have ever heard of before and are unlikely to hear from ever again. But, according to “Priscilla Moriuchi”, Chinese universities, which are collaborating with Irish universities, may well pass any discoveries onto the Chinese military. No way!

    Seriously John, you were far more fun when reporting the musings of your “Irish” “security” “sources”.

  10. bisted

    …great front page pic on the Observer of cops with batons drawn against the pro-democracy protesters at Westminster…

    1. Ben Madigan

      Yes, the lad with the hoodie pulled tight over his face certainly looks like someone concerned about upholding democracy…

  11. eoin

    There’s something in the air, and no, it’s not just Autumn. Are the “stars” at loss-making RTE approaching that time of year when they negotiate contract extensions? In today’s Sindo, Ray Darcy [What Next Productions Limited] defends his €450,000 pay, it boils down to “the big boys made him do it”

    “I didn’t decide what to give me, I was offered it,” Ray said in reference to his RTE pay.
    “Obviously the people who offered it to me were aware of what’s being paid outside of RTE and the commercial reality of that. So that’s why they offered it to me. They didn’t pluck a figure out of the top of their heads.”

    And Mirian O’Callaghan [Baby Blue Productions Limited] tells the Sindo today about her hectic life. How she manages to juggle the MC-ing and after dinner speaking with her €299,000 pay at RTE is beyond me!

    And let’s not forget Claire Byrne [Derrough Media Limited] who bares her soul to The Sun this weekend. On only €216,000 for her veneer of a proper news and current affairs programme and her community radio-standard News at One, Claire’s agent Noel Kelly must surely be hoping he can get another few k for his product, or at least a little more slack from RTE for her to do her controversial nixers.

    1. Chlorinated RTE Canteen Chicken

      You can read it for free in most coffee shops, barbers, hotels, etc – there is wholescale dumping of bundles of copies to boost the circulation figures. And of course, SPAR and CENTRA will let you read for free….

  12. f_lawless

    “Why is Greta Thunberg so triggering for certain men?” is the title of the Irish Times online’s most read story. But it’s not just men who have mocked or criticised her online so does it really help to frame it as an exclusively male phenomenon?. Prominent female voices on social media such as Julia Hartley-Brewer, Katie Hopkins, GO’D come to mind. No doubt there’s more. Dreadfully naive article too if you ask me. Thunberg is ” the activist whose determination has single-handedly started a powerful global movement for change”.

    1. Paulus

      That’s Jennifer O’Connell’s piece inside the cover of the I.T. Magazine:
      This is usually terrible; The Mag has gone to the dogs; nothing but vacuous filler and food-porn. The Ticket is the only supp worth reading.

        1. Chlorinated RTE Canteen Chicken

          Donald Clarke (fillums) should write it. He’s probably the wittiest and sharpest writer the IT has….

    2. Chlorinated RTE Canteen Chicken

      Another change the facts to one to suit the narrative as the Irish Times nosedives into irrelevance in the attempt to be The Guardian of the 26 Counties – appalling Polly Filla stuff from O’Connell.

  13. martco

    Ryanair’s new B737MAX aircraft keep on rolling off the assembly line in Seattle:

    ….as Boeing’s senior test pilot has announced he’s pleading the 5th?!
    ….and the EASA have just announced they refuse to trust in the FAA’s test findings & will do their own testing before lifting any ban (not sure this has ever happened before)

    pop quiz- how many of ye out there would worry/care less if your next FR flight is being serviced by a B737MAX?

    1. B9Com From No

      Wouldn’t give a pooooo martco
      From what I read the problem is manageable if pilot knows about it before flying

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