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  1. Observer

    So amusing reading the Irish papers vis Brexit and listening to RTE on same. It’s like reading and viewing press releases.

  2. some old queen

    Quite interesting is how up north the UUP are raising their media profile as being moderate or more compromising right now- vote early vote often so.

    A human chain along the entire border in Ireland has been suggested on twitter- I’ll be there when it happens- will you?

    1. scottser

      my idea is better. a series of monster hoolies for everyone in ireland and the uk, to be hosted in a different city each month.
      or we could stand on a back road in fermanagh for a while.

    1. some old queen

      Which is the complete opposite of The Times.

      Blow Job is in Dublin today- anything to be said for another disko father?

      Problem is- the frigger would probably join in.

        1. some old queen

          Sending a letter alongside a request for extension saying he doesn’t want it means what? The EU already know HE doesn’t want it but the HP do and he is legally obliged to follow their instructions.

          1. B9Com From No

            Did you read the article?
            He’s trying to provoke the EU to not give the extension. You have to admit that’s pretty clever

          2. some old queen

            He has no friends in the EU and they want to prevent a no deal too- provoking won’t work because the more humiliated and messed up Britain gets, the less likely any other member is to do the same.

  3. eoin

    [Boris Johnson is hammering away on Microsoft Word]

    Dear Donald,
    I write to inform you that the UK has now left the European Union.
    I know this will come as a surprise to you, but I, Boris Johnson am the lawfully elected prime minister of the UK, just ask anyone, and I am the head of the British government and I am telling you in no uncertain terms that we have now left.
    I know you will be alarmed at this letter, but it is necessitated by the political stalemate in this country, with a threat of widespread political and social unrest unless it is resolved. Also, the rotters are now threatening to put me in jail as they ram, through a law to make it unlawful for me to leave without a deal. Our queen is about to give assent to that today, so that’s why I’m sending this letter at this ungodly hour.
    I also know you will be dubious about the legal legitimacy of this letter. But, as you know, the UK held a referendum in June 2016, which resulted in a majority voting to leave the EU. In March 2017, the UK formally give the EU two years notice of its intention to leave, as set out in Article 50 of the Treaty of Lisbon.
    There were two subsequent requests for an extension to our leaving the EU, and these were kindly acceded to by your good self on behalf of the EU. However, neither of these requests is grounded in any treaty. They are, for want of a better term, “gentlemens agreements”. So, not for the first time, I will not be honouring such a non-legal commitment. As I said to Allegra/Ermintrude/Emily/Daphne and all the others I can’t recall for now, “soz!”
    So, that is that. We’ll now be implementing legislation to tighten the movement of people across our Border in Britain. We won’t be doing anything about the Irish border. We won’t be imposing tariffs or conditions on trade for the time being, in the hope we can hammer out a trade agreement. We’ll honour our commitment to a £7 billion settlement with the EU, but no more.
    That’s about it, so, as my Turkish forbears might have said “Adios!”

  4. eoin

    “Irish” Daily Mail, a British university has done some health research and some stuff we skimmed off the internet about smoothies and which was written years ago. Has the editor of the “Irish” Daily Mail got his Irish citizenship yet or has his criminal conviction for contempt of court in the Ana Kriegel trial put the kibosh on it all?

    1. Spud

      In fairness, I’d reckon it’s about the study released last week about the harm diet soft drinks possibly do.
      Made a few media outlets.

  5. eoin

    I wonder was the mysterious donor of £1.5 million to the Shinners of sound mind when he made his will 22 years ago. According to the London Times on Saturday

    “Hampton’s mental ill health took a serious turn about 40 years ago. It is understood that while living in Rainham, Kent, a neighbour accused him of having an affair with his wife.

    Incensed at the accusation, Hampton marched into the road with a kitchen knife and sliced off his own penis. He told the neighbour: “I’ve never touched any woman and I never will.” He was admitted to a mental health ward in Barming, Kent, where he met Rosalind Morton, who was suffering depression.”


    1. bisted

      …how could any self-respecting englishman leave money to the shinners…why didn’t he leave it to a cat sanctuary like a normal person…

    2. V

      The bequest no longer mysterious
      And the funds have been explained

      It was very clear, from the link I posted myself to answer all the who-what-when-why-aboutery that you were at about this bequest, that the benefactor led a lonely and tragic life.
      But the source of his funds were absolutely bonafide.

      Why are you still going on about it?

      It’s like it’s spin with you on a number of carefully selected easy slogged and flogged by-the-way did-ya-hear-the-one-about oh-c’mere-did-I-tell- ya- about-yer-one

      I feel I need to ring the doorbell when I come by to pick up the papers now
      And wait for permission

      I rarely even retweet them

  6. Charlie

    The Star attempting to sensationalize, scare and cause panic about the weather forecast for January and February next year. What an appalling and disgusting scrote publication.

  7. B9Com From No

    What’s yer man doing in the buff in the quad shot?
    Did he give birth? Now that would be miraculous

  8. eoin

    It must be contract renegotiation season at RTE!

    In The Sun over the weekend, we had Claire Byrne [Derrough Media Limited] telling us how relatable she is, which presumably justifies some sort of increase to her €216,000 fees at loss-making RTE [excluding nixers which are controversial because of conflicts of interest]

    Today, we have Ryan Tubridy [Tuttle Productions Limited], again in The Sun front page, telling us how unimaginably brilliant he is, which presumably justifies him holding on to his €495,000 fees at loss-making RTE [excluding nixers and royalties from books which exploit the Late Late Toy Show].

    1. Janet, I ate my avatar

      wow, just when you think she could sink no lower, what a truly disgusting mind set,
      to every mixed race family she denies out there apologies from this Irish woman, I’m ashamed she calls herself Irish,
      nice response from Lidl

      1. some old queen

        It must be a dark place where everything is a conspiracy- but to assume a family could not be because of race- really is back of the bus stuff.

        1. some old queen

          Pretty sure there is a family consulting their legal adviser right now Gemma- funded by their employer- no confetti letters- the real deal Darling.

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