Meanwhile, In Waesfjord


Local viking John Cox (left) and Gavan Murphy at Wexford’s quayside prepare for the inaugural Viking Fire Festival

This is no Viking Splash.

This is Wexford, 900ad.

Ann Power writes:

A brand new epic festival is set to take place in Wexford town on Saturday, September 28th.

The first annual Viking Fire Festival will be hosted on Wexford’s quayside by the Irish National Heritage Park.

The historical Wexford town will be transformed back to Viking times, as the Wexford Quayside will be turned into a real-life Viking Village hosting an immersive experience akin to life over a thousand years ago.

The Vikings founded Wexford town sometime before 900AD when they first settled and the street layout today can be attributed to these early settlers.

The ancient settlement will be populated throughout the day with a host of re-enactors who will be going about their day-to-day life….

and offering visitors the opportunity to enjoy storytelling, a Viking market, coin striking, spinning, weaving, leatherworking, metalwork and woodwork, with some Viking music performances and even the chance to participate in some slave trading….

Viking Fire Festival

Pic: Patrick Browne

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