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Jaxson Coss

Strangers send birthday cards to a friendless four-year-old boy after his mother contacted the Irish Sun to say he hadn’t received any.

You’re blubbing.

I’m not blubbing.

THEY’RE ALL 4 YOU! Dublin boy with ‘no friends’ celebrates 4th birthday with hundreds of cards from around world after special appeal (The Irish Sun)

Pic: Lorraine O’Sullivan (The Irish Sun)

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9 thoughts on “Sun Salutation

  1. newsjustin

    I know it’s not in keeping with the tone the Sun is trying to set, but a) 4 year olds don’t really have friends…certainly not ones capable of sending a card, and b) if your 4 year old is really lacking little buddies to play with, that’s your fault as a parent…

        1. B9Com From No

          Thanks dav – I thought so too
          I notice Justin hasn’t replied yet – only the usual gobdaws

  2. H

    That’s twice this week I’ve seen a story about a child (or more accurately their parent) asking for cards – somewhere out there Craig Shergold is shaking his head.

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