The Sky’s The Limo


Behold: the SKAI zero emissions aircraft – a hydrogen-fuel cell powered electric, six-rotor VTOL with a 640km range (and a built-in airframe parachute).

Piloted either remotely, in person (from the plush leather appointed interior) or autonomously, the relative simplicity of its design means that the price point (yet to be announced as, despite the hype, the vehicle is still in development) will probably be somewhere in the region of a luxury car.


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6 thoughts on “The Sky’s The Limo

      1. Batty Brennan

        I’d like to see details of their plan to integrate a parachute recovery system with 16 whirling carbon fibre scimitars.

  1. Increasing Displacement

    These things are pie in the sky

    You ever hear the noise of a reasonable size drone?
    You ever seen the damage one does when it crashes?

    Now multiple that noise and weight until it’s big enough to carry people. Then imagine it coming through your roof after a power failure.

    There will never be loads of these flying around.

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