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Behold: the Aviar R67 – a conceptual all electric version of the 1967 Ford Mustang by Russian startup company Aviar.

The company claims a 0-100km/h acceleration time of 2.2 seconds and a 480km range with all-wheel drive, a carbon fibre chassis (mimicking the original first generation muscle car) and a lightweight custom tubular aluminium subframe.

It may never make it to production, but still.


Behold: the Aston Martin Cassette Electric Powertrain Concept – an all-electric (and completely reversible) conversion of the 1970 DB6 MkII Volante – a vision of how classic cars can be converted to zero emissions without compromising any of their original character (beyond the engine noise and emissions, obviously).


Behold: the Harley Davidson Livewire – a 2014 electric prototype that’s now made it into production, with instant electric torque from a low-mounted power plant replacing the legendary growl of the V-twin.

Inevitably destined to be controversial within the Harley community, prices and full specs will be revealed in January with delivery later in 2019.


A 1949 Mercury Coupe (part of a line of repurposed vehicles left with their authentic dings, weathering and rusty patinas intact from US firm Icon).

Crucially, the 69 year old shell conceals a 400bhp dual electric motor and a Tesla battery with a 320km range.


Behold: the Zero FXS electric motorcycle – powered by dual option 46bhp battery systems ( 3.6kWh and 7.2kWh) with a 160km range on a full charge and serious acceleration on tap for a bike weighing around 136kg.

Yours for just under €7,500.


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Behold: the Vespa Elettrica – an electric scooter first announced over two years ago and now finally taking advance orders for delivery later this year. The 4kW engine outperforms the traditional 50cc petrol predecessor and the initial 100km range will double with the addition of a more powerful Elettrica X variant.

Yours for around €6,400.


Behold: the SolarImpact Electric Yacht – a 25m twin-hulled cruiser powered by two 500kW engines fed entirely by roof mounted solar panels and a battery array.

Capable of 22 knots with AI guidance systems that allow the vessel to be controlled by a single person. Possibly you.

Price on application but if you’re asking, you’re not buying.


Behold: the Volvo 360c concept – an all-electric, fully self-driving vehicle with an interior that can be configured as an office, living area or sleeping pod for passengers of the future, sharing the road with other autonomous vehicles on journeys of up to 320km.


Behold: the all electric, all adorable Zagato Zele.

Debuted at Geneva the year before the 1973 Oil Crisis, it was coincidentally both of and ahead of its time.

Yours for between €5,500 and €11,000.