“The Commission’s Attack Dog”


This morning.

Former Fine Gael TD and Minister for the Environment Phil Hogan was confirmed as the EU’s next chief trade commissioner.

Further to this…

Jon Stone, in The Independent UK, reports:

The appointment of Phil Hogan to the role of EU trade commissioner for the next five years will see him go up against the UK’s negotiators in talks – if the Brexit process gets that far.

Mr Hogan earlier this year rubbished the UK government’s “global Britain” plan, warning that Britain would become a “medium-sized” nation with reduced bargaining power.

Just last month he accused “unelected” prime minister Boris Johnson of putting “the best interests of the Tory party ahead of the best interests of the UK”.

During Brexit talks he has developed a reputation as the Commission’s attack dog: In June last year he said the tide was going out on the “high priests of Brexit”, suggesting the British public were finally seeing through the “deception and lies” of politicians like Michael Gove and Nigel Farage, who he named.

EU puts Ireland’s commissioner who called Boris Johnson ‘unelected’ in charge of negotiating Brexit trade deal with UK (Jon Stone, The Independent UK)

Hogan confirmed as new EU Trade Commissioner (RTE)

Previously: Phil Hogan on Broadsheet

Pic: Rollingnews

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13 thoughts on ““The Commission’s Attack Dog”

  1. Mr.Fart

    a more than willing attack dog. was even set loose on his fellow countryfolk and didn’t blink or hesitate to do so. it reminds me of samuel l jacksons character in django unchained, how he’ll turn on his own and side with the oppressors no bother.

  2. baz

    Hogan was incapable of explaining to the Irish people why they should pay for clean drinking water delivered to their kitchen tap or why taking the poop from their toilets and treating same in large modern facilities that require capital expenditure was required.

    Now the EU overlords will use him to further deteriorate Anglo Irish relations.

    EU attempts to totally alienate the UK with the appointment of this oaf/bully/out of date politician.
    All at the expense of Ireland.

    1. Rob_G

      – Irish people are remarkably unreceptive to this message, regardless of who is delivering it

      – no one is ‘deteriorating Anglo Irish relations’ apart from the Brits, who are seemingly determined to ride roughshod over their own legislation (the Good Friday Agreement) due to their decision not to put the most basic of provisions in place in the event of Brexit

  3. Ron

    The daw jawed impotent Irish electorate are responsible for giving the world Phil Hogan.

    He is completely representative of the faeces show the Irish people like to put in charge.

  4. V

    I feckin’ delighted its Phil that got Trade

    WTF is wrong with ye

    Oh and I might as well tell ye now
    I’m warming to Phil

    And he’s a good Credit Union supporter
    and no pal of Paschal Donohue’s either
    Which pleases me even more

        1. Mr.Fart

          eeshk.. sorry to hear that and i hope you’re alright. i’d offer my medical assitance but as you know, im not allowed practice anymore :0/

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