Wash Your Hands Or Rufus Will Get You




Unspecified location, Dublin.

The launch of ‘Rufus the Handwashing Hero’  – with Mason (left) and Noa Belle (right) – on ‘hand’ to help “children under five learn all about handwashing and help tackle the spread of harmful bacteria.”

Zara Brownless writes:

Rufus the Handwashing Hero” is the star of a new free educational resource pack featuring a storybook, sink poster and sticker set. Developed by safefood with the support of Early Childhood Ireland, the pack has been arriving in more than 3,500 childcare providers since last week….

How cuddly?


*turns tap, rolls sleeves*


Pics: Marc O’Sullivan

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10 thoughts on “Wash Your Hands Or Rufus Will Get You

    1. the Observer

      Why did you change ‘was’ to ‘wash’ in my comment in my comment but didn’t fix your heading?

      I find it funny.

  1. eoin

    If I haven’t said it before, the €7m that we [the Dublin and Belfast govts] give to Safefood each year is money really well-spent, so it is. And not a total waste to pay a bunch of political appointees to tell us the bleeding obvious.

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