Minister for Finance Paschal Donohoe

This morning.

It is understood Mr Donohoe will tell his Cabinet colleagues that Budget 2020 will be based on the working assumption that there will be a no-deal Brexit.

This is likely to mean that many tax cuts and spending increases on public services would have to be stalled.

Instead, the €700 million or so extra that would have been available for these purposes will be set aside to deal with the fall-out from a disorderly Brexit.

Budget 2020 drafted on assumption of no-deal Brexit (RTÉ)


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20 thoughts on “Brexcuses

  1. Mr.Fart

    it makes sense to do this, but i rightfully have zero confidence in this government to implement anything to any kind of standard. So if 700m is put aside to help protect from Brexit, I don’t think that money will find it’s way to where it’s needed, it’ll be set aside for their pals in big business and construction etc., anyone doubting me will soon be eating their words, and should also look at this gov.s’ track record over the last 8 years.

          1. Ron

            Sorry daw jaw. I’m late to your party.

            Amazing how we hear all the time that because we have Brexit, we can’t have a general election, because we have Brexit, we can’t have a change of leader. Rubbish. This has nothing to do with Brexit. They political incompetents that you all elect are incapable of planning forward for No deal Brexit. Thats one of the only facts thats has consistently turned out to be true. Brexit is in fact a perfect mechanism that allows the political pigs at the trough in Ireland to continue to force the most savage austerity on those less fortunate in our society. USC was only supposed to be temporary.

            Anyone that believes that there was tax cuts and efficiencies coming in the budget need their head examined. There never was. Brexit just gives them cover for their own incompetent, incapable management of the Irish economy.

            All you daw jaws out there who represent the impotent Irish electorate would rather bend over every day and allow incompetent political tools shaft you, rather then admit, you haven’t a clue what your talking about. Pathetic display of the submissive, roll over attitude that all you supposed smart people display everyday. The impotent Irish electorate. Fools

          2. Ron

            Your a living example of the daw jawed impotent Irish I often refer to and your not intelligent enough to even realise it. I’m sure those comments seem funny in your head when your blind drunk. it’s not hatred you need, it’s help, for your alcoholism. Put the bottle down and try sort yourself out

          3. Cian

            @Ron said:USC was only supposed to be temporary.

            Says who? USC replaced the income levy and the health levy (AKA health contribution) in 2011. It wasn’t ever supposed to be temporary.

      1. Mr.Fart

        i do remember. thats why i said, yes, it is a good idea to reserve money. but no, i don’t think this government will use it wisely. look at stuff they’ve spunked away billions on? childrens hospital, broadband, PSC card.. the evidence of them not being good with money, is there. and its not down to opinion, its actual documented proof.

  2. george

    Don’t worry, the government have said they are moving to a Keynesian counter-cyclical model. This means not being prudent during the good times and spending during a recession. So if Brexit hits the economy we will see an increase in public spending…unless the Keynesian model is just an excuse so the government can avoiding spending money on public services is doing well and will be dropped as soon as it comes to the spend our way out of recession phase.

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