O’Sullivan’s March


This afternoon.

Molesworth Street, Dublin 2

Protestors including Richard Boyd Barrett TD (above left) and Hasan Sm Zafar (top) with protesters outside Val Issuer Dac offices holding placards with a picture of Sean O Sullivan, a director of the vulture fund.

Around 50 families are facing eviction from their homes in Richmond Street and Clanbrassil Street in the Rathmines area of Dublin after the properties were bought by Val Issuer Dac last November.

Petition here.

Leah Farrell/RollingNews

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12 thoughts on “O’Sullivan’s March

  1. Brother Barnabas

    pity we don’t have 158 richard boyd barretts

    one of only a handful of worthwhile politicians in this country

    1. eoin

      RBB must be the dumbest excuse of a politician that ever stalked the land.

      Sean O’Sullivan is indeed a director of Val Issuer DAC. He’s also a director of 274 (two hundred and seventy four) other live Irish companies and was a director of a further 119 [and has resigned] and a further 27 [which are dissolved].

      How so many?

      Because Sean is, what you call a nominee director. As commented on here before, 32 Molesworth St is the registered address for 100s of companies.

      If RBB wasn’t such a numpty, he’d be able to find out who the beneficial owners of the company were and organise a protest around their premises (or places in which they have an interest).

      Solidarity/PBP ladies and gentlemen, the party that lost 60% of its local councillors at the locals in May. I wonder why. Maybe they’re all as dumb as RBB.

      1. Brother Barnabas

        RBB didn’t organise this protest – he attended at the organisers’ request to show support and draw attention to it

        you mightn’t like him and you mightnt like his politics, but he’s far from dumb

        1. eoin

          I have nothing against RBB’s politics. Indeed, there’s a principle and honesty to them that’s absent in other Irish left-wing parties. It’s RBB himself who is a numpty. RBB and his party have the resources [as with other parties, we’re paying for them!] to do the research to help the tenants here. The thicko can’t even do that right. So, they end up protesting outside a nominee office. Well bloody done RBB!

      2. V

        Ah here Eoin

        Richard Boyd Barrett is one of the best and most charismatic independents in that wing of the chamber.
        And he’s a poll-topper.

        I doubt he has the resources for research and assistance that the main Parties, ie Pearse O’Doherty, has

        You seem to have plenty of time for scouring out details for spin and running offense, so why don’t you email stuff in to him instead of taking to the internet to tell us what’s wrong with him

        Just a thought
        RBB is an independent voice
        And for me that’s worth my support anyway

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