This afternoon.

Ha’penny Bridge, Dublin 4

Aerial Cirque performer Nicola Moran with Dublin Lord Mayor Paul McAuliffe at the launch of Culture Night (on Friday week, September 20) with “over 350 events across the city.

To wit:

Rhythms and rhymes will emanate from Meeting House Square, which kicks off with Tiny Dancer, a fun DJ set for kids with Donal Dineen, followed by a line-up of some of the most exciting spoken word and hip hop artists from across the island of Ireland hosted by District Magazine;

Screen Ireland brings a selection of both live action and animated short films which capture stories of love and romance to Barnardo Square, which will also see football freestylers captivate passers-by with their vast array of tricks & skills as the city gets set to host UEFA EURO 2020

at The Amphitheatre, Wood Quay take part in activities with an environmentally-conscious twist, like the music equipment gear swap with MyVolts;

And at Central Plaza, Dame Street the worlds of business and the arts come together for Elevate, a stunning high-end, gravity-defying show created and performed by Ireland’s leading aerialists Aerial Cirque with music by Cork based composer Peter Power and visuals by Bulgarian artist Petko Panchev…

Culture Night


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8 thoughts on “Stop That

      1. ReproBertie

        The Lord Mayor’s from Finglas and his electoral area includes Ballymun. You can be sure he’s dealt with plenty of poor people.

    1. V

      I suspect they moved on themselves rather than be subjected to all that commotion

      And I also suspect that most homeless people are private people who don’t want to be photo-opped, and featured in any campaign.

  1. Roger Opinions

    Good looking women wearing tight clothing or acting submissive make me buy less…

    Said no Irish marketing student… since 1994?

    A tiny island.

    Bought and paid for.

    So tiny.

    Imagine if most people looked around and thought about souls…

    Money is easier.

  2. darren

    What does Stop That refer to? I am feeling like i have seen it before on this site.. Is it too naughty to say? Stop What? Thanks

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