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    1. some old queen

      Well that was the plan but there is the court ruling on Tuesday- the supreme court is likely to side with England over Scotland of course. And Yellowhammer documents have been released- the worst case scenarios also apply to Ireland as most goods come through Britain.

      The one thing which is quite clear is what a thoroughly untrustworthy and dislikeable character Johnson really is.

      1. Batty Brennan

        The Yellowhammer document is just a smoke and mirrors distraction.

        A poor quality scan, no details over those in the copy “leaked” weeks ago, changed wording from “base” to “worst case” scenario, one section redacted even though the text is already in the public domain, a blank page at the end to keep the conspiracy theorists occupied, nothing about the document to support its provenance.

        It is unquestionably serving its intended purpose though – #yellowhammer is trending right up there while #prorogation is not.

        I wouldn’t trust any such document out of the Cummings cesspit anyway – it would be much more interesting to have sight of the intelligence reports sitting on Mr. Barnier’s desk.

        1. some old queen

          I agree on Cummings- a dangerous individual.

          What we do know is that Ireland is very dependent on Britain for haulage routes- and that any delay in fresh food distribution is going to hike prices in the short to medium term.

          Just wondering- what international ports are connected to Dublin at the moment?

          1. GiggidyGoo

            Not necessarily Dublin. But for trucking and containers to/from Ireland to Europe
            Rosslare to Cherbourg – trucking and containers
            Cork to Cherbourg – seasonal
            Dublin to Cherbourg – Trucking
            Dublin to Rotterdam – trucking and containers. Worlds largest Ro Ro ferry
            Dublin to Zeebrugge (port of call en route to Rotterdam)
            Dublin to Antwerp – containers
            Cork to Santander (I think) Trucks
            Rosslare to Santander (intermittent) Trucks
            All European destinations can be serviced. from the likes of Rotterdam either by the trucks driving onwards themselves, or containers being transhipped and sent to Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Estonia.
            Other containers can be railed via Rotterdam to all sorts of destinations.

            The dependence of the UK is for transit time purposes, but bypassing it in favor of direct services from Europe adds just one extra working day and a half to the transit time. And less if something ships on a Friday or Saturday.It’s a matter of transport operators and shippers adjusting their delivery schedules to suit any new (e.g. Brexit) situations.

          2. Otis Blue

            That’s a useful list. Just to add that Waterford Port is also an important container link to the continent.

    2. Spaghetti Hoop

      Don’t believe so. Farage is filling the political vacuum. As we know from Irish and European history, political vacuums provide opportunities to some very unsavoury leaders. And Yellowhammer is a parting gift to the electorate to tear their hair out over while the infamous British media concoct fearful headlines from it and exaggerate. It was a very bad move by the Tories to suspend the House.

  1. eoin

    The new university rankings are out! How is Ireland’s national centre for hazing excellence doing? Not very well at all. #164 in 2020, down from #120 in 2019, #117 in 2018.

    In 2011, TCD was #76

    It’s a poo-hole, a poo-hole that costs us around €50 million a year in direct grants, and that ignores all the grants we give the students directly. Contrast that with the assistance we give primary and secondary school households.

    It is, in my opinion, poorly managed, with extortionate salaries and expenses. And yet, TCD whines poverty with the govt. It takes handouts from the Chinese state-level spying outfit (allegedly), Huawei. Research bodies on its campus get 10s of millions of Irish government grants with fupp all analysis of return on investment and questionable conduct about who gets to exploit developments.

    And don’t even get me started on the “HIV butter”


  2. eoin

    The new university rankings are out! How is Ireland’s national centre for hazing excellence doing? Not very well at all. #164 in 2020, down from #120 in 2019, #117 in 2018.

    In 2011, TCD was #76

    Remember Trump’s visit to us in June? Remember the US $ 1 million which the US government paid the funeral directors in Wicklow for the hire of limos for that 2-day visit? Now, the US government has paid the same firm, JP Ward and Son Limited a total of US $599,000 for Pence’s 2-day visit. Does anyone else find this stinky?


    It’s like one of those 1970s CIA slush fund jobbies. Give $1.6m to an undertaker to be used to all sorts of covert skulduggery. Anyone know what leggy Fawn Hall is doing these days.

  3. eoin

    Oh, this is just delicious.

    Remember Majella Moynihan, the ex-Garda who had a difficult time when she joined the force/service in the early 1980s, she had an affair with another Garda and had a baby out of marriage which she gave up for adoption. Her health suffered in the aftermath and she left the force/service in the early 1990s.

    RTE broke the story on 17 June 2019 and everyone got het under the collar. Some people criticised RTE for not being upfront about what Majella was now seeking. First it was “only” an apology, yet she turned up to a meeting with Charlie Flanagan and the Garda commissioner, Drew Harris with “a team of lawyers”. Some people called this for the compo claim it was.

    Today we find out that Majella sued Charlie Flanagan and the Garda commissioner, Drew Harris on 18 July 2019. Why are we finding that out today. Why was the record only put online yesterday? What sort of skulduggery is happening at the courts? In any event, the date and the online records are peripheral for today. There is a second case which was initiated yesterday by Majella Moynihan [nee Peelo]

    According to the Irish Times

    “The second action she has initiated against the State is effectively a personal injuries case based on the trauma and harm Ms Moynihan says was done to her.

    The financial side of her action will include her claim for lost earnings over a 15- to 20-year period, according to sources familiar with the case.

    She is also seeking to recoup her lost pension as well as the significant gratuity payment she missed out on because she left the force early.”

    As predicted on here in the comments for some time, this is a compo case, pure and simple. And a €500,000 + compo case at that.

    Well done RTE, a shower of amateur community-radio standard journalists. We’ve just paid a licence fee to give a platform to someone who was after compo all along and who was seeking the platform of public sympathy to get her legal case off the ground. Thickos!

      1. postmanpat

        I don’t believe it has any merit. She made her life decisions but rather than live with her regrets like every one else has too , she is going to bleed the public just because she can and all the emotional support from all the useful idiots out there who wont actually share in the spoils. A half million could do a lot of good for deserving people in need. This crone never cared about public service or civil responsibility . She joined the guards to be a little Hitler , just like the rest of them and get paid.

        1. V

          she joined the guards to be a little Hitler

          Prove that PoPat, go on
          Prove that

          And do you know what, I now hope she gets hundreds of thousands and an Inspector level pension.
          I hope she goes wild on it, and gets her boobs done, and have a string of young fellas on the go, I hope she gets herself one of those new X6s and gives it away to some foreigner

          Hon’ Majella

    1. GiggidyGoo

      It was well flagged by you at the time to be fair. You’re rarely off the mark.
      In the meantime you have all sorts on here lambasting you for providing extra news items to the front pages. Some complaining about copying links, and even suggesting things like ‘why don’t you do your own investigations…’ etc. etc.

        1. GiggidyGoo

          Well BS deleted the end of my comment which pointed out a BS article writer and commenter complaining about Eoin, yet does the same herself writing and including many links.
          Very small minded there BS. Can she give but not take criticism?

          1. V

            Assuming you’re talking about me there GeeGee
            With all due respect I face all the criticism going
            including falsehoods, scumbaggery name calling and unfounded allegations, as much as I’m allowed

            and far
            by far btw
            more than anyone else here
            Or on other platforms

            Speaking of which, feel free to tweet your comments to either @frillykeane or @vanessa_foran
            Twitter, nor Google/ YouTube for that matter, give a _ú__ what their users have to say about me

          2. GiggidyGoo

            Thanks for the reply V. Odd that my complete post was originally edited with the end piece taken out.

            Don’t know why you’re writing ‘With all due respect I face all the criticism going
            including falsehoods, scumbaggery name calling and unfounded allegations, as much as I’m allowed’ below as some kind of retort, which in journalistic circles tries to label (me in this case) a person as calling you any of those things by you writing them.

            The point I was making is that you have a go at Eoin about his bringing stories and links here to items that don’t appear on the newspaper front pages, snidely asking him to become a reporter himself, and yet you do exactly the same with the added bonus of it being an ‘article’. Sauce for the goose V.
            Nice touch below with the afterthought comment to Eoin ‘But your copy and pastes from other media publications and platforms are much appreciated, ta for them. V’
            As are yours appreciated by fans of The Bake-off too V, Love and let live eh?

          3. V

            Get your facts right GeeGee

            I have never criticised Eoin for providing links and stories that aren’t plugged in the pages hosted by Broadsheet
            In fact I have thanked him on several occasions for the service he provides

            I have called him out on his personal remarks and opinions; or aspersions if you like, that he adds.
            Particularly when it comes to Women, and other peoples lifestyles
            As that is far too obvious now

            And since your his family
            You might want to tell him he’s running the real risk now of being found out, and given his attitudes he won’t fare well

            and as someone who was doxxed and forced to come out by thugs and trolls, and for no reason than just to save the face of failed and pathetic election campaign, I can speak from experience
            And its one I wouldn’t wish on anyone
            Not even you

          4. GiggidyGoo

            V. The sniedness doesn’t abate either obviously. Referring to me as being part of his family. Good girl. Do you think that kind of comment earns kudos or something. Is that what you term ‘calling out’?
            You mention something about Eoin being ‘found out’? Whatever is that about?
            And he won’t ‘fare well’ – is that a threat?
            The mention of doxxing, coming out, thugs and trolls. Maybe I haven’t been posting here long enough, but I have no idea what your talking about. But your decision to include it is, yet again, another attempt to lambaste a person by trying to slyly associate him/her with those terms. Used to be clever journalism.

          5. GiggidyGoo

            Again, no idea what you’re on about in that last comment of yours but if it gives you a warm fuzzy feeling of a victory of some sort, far be it for me to burst your bubble.

    2. V

      She had a baby

      That’s all
      That’s all she did
      Girls do it every day of the week

      She was forced to give up her baby by the nature of her employment

      Fair enough, maybe she doesn’t exactly qualify for all the perks of a full career in AGS
      as she actually hasn’t put in the graft, or had the deductions made over the years.

      But all neither here nor there
      AGS denied Majella the life and career she was entitled to,
      Entitled to at least attempt under her own terms

      And Eoin – an affair wtf, she had a relationship ffs

      I’m not going to put words to it Eoin, or label you with the correct title for it
      ’cause you’ll have a few of your pals climbing up my –se in no time

      But your attitude to women, particularly high profile women, needs to be called out
      And there’s a whiff of David Quinn off you on other social matters that is starting to gawk

      But your copy and pastes from other media publications and platforms are much appreciated, ta for them. V

  4. some old queen

    Controversy over a proposed direct provision centre in Oughterard, Co Galway.

    I think this is a fair comment from TD Catherine Connolly- “They [the Department of Justice] are known for their secrecy and how they have treated people badly in the past with no accountability,”

    “Their lack of communication with people causes hatred and division towards people who have already fled persecution in their own country,”


    1. GiggidyGoo

      Funny that you hold that up as fair comment when Catherine Connolly (a woman who I admire for her politics and tenacity) says it. But just a few weeks ago when I commented similarly on the movement of people to Macroom without prior information, you labeled me a racist.
      What does that make you then soq?

      1. some old queen

        No Gigs I called you out for attempting to associate immigration to the Irish Rail campaign against racism.

        1. GiggidyGoo

          Don’t try that diversionary tactic now soq.
          We are talking about the Macroom discussion.

          You had a go at me, along with your mates here, when i brought up the Macroom thing. You’ve now been outed as either
          a) A racist yourself. (based on your own views on what it is)
          b) …… well you can define that yourself.

          1. some old queen

            @ Gigs – Link?

            @ italia I am bald AND PROUD OF IT- no need for a comb- you know you are getting old when hair starts growing from everywhere apart from the top of your head?

            My point is The DOJ need to get their act together and start consulting with local communities because this secrecy is playing right into the hands of the far right.

            Anyways- herself has been removed from Reddit now it appears. https://www.reddit.com/r/ireland/comments/d2bmq8/removal_of_gemma_odoherty_posts/

          2. GiggidyGoo

            Well, soq. I was totally incorrect. It wasn’t you . If you can accept apologies please do, and I take all that back.

            It was actually B9 who was at it (I note B9 hasn’t put forward an opinion on this thread, on what you posted)

          3. some old queen

            No worries- sure I insult V on a regular basis and never even remember it next day- none of us are perfect eh?

            And that is as close to an apology as you are going to get- not you gigs.

  5. eoin

    First, we lost our sugar beet industry which means we don’t produce sugar here.

    Then, we find that beef farmers are forced to sell their product below cost to a cartel of billionaire beef processors.

    And today, we find out [from the Guardian] we don’t have any commercial flour mill in the Republic of Ireland, and Brexit may add 15c to loaf of bread,


    “Currently, Ireland imports about 150-170 28-tonne tankers of flour a week from UK, with one third from Northern Ireland and two-thirds from Britain.”

    But, we’re an “agricultural country”. Looks like we’re a gombeen country set up to service specific interests.

    1. Cú Chulainn

      That’s because we can grow wheat strong enough for flour that makes white sliced pan in Ireland. That’s just a factor of climate. No problem for the auld soda bread. Might actually be a major Heath boon.

  6. eoin

    I know it’s a pro-Labour anti-Tory tabloid and plays second fiddle to The Sun, but the Mirror above headline “Boris lied to the Queen” is stark. Even PMs have protection under defamation laws, but can there be any other interpretation of the Scottish judgment yesterday.

    1. some old queen

      Further more- the English court did not say Johnson was innocent- just that it was beyond it’s scope.

  7. eoin

    RTE Morning Ireland, the most listened to radio programme in the country. Gives a platform to FG finance minister, Paschal Donohue. Fine.

    The €199,000 a year [at loss-making RTE] Bryan Dobson asks about the awful state of pay in the armed services. Paschal cites a change whereby one grade will get a 33% increase from €21k to €28k. Fantastic, isn’t it. Yet, the armed servces review will cost an extra €10m (roughly) a year, which, for 10,000 (roughly) members of the service will equate to an average of €1,000 each. No-one at RTE is going to challenge the FG finance minister though who implies personnel will be getting €7k or 33% extra.

    If RTE wants to provide an unchallenged government mouthpiece service, fine, get your funding from the government [except they can’t because of state aid rules which they’re arguably breaching with the extra €8m that the disgraced Denis Naughten gave RTE the day before he was fired last October]

  8. bisted

    …there’s Pascal on the radio breathing a new angle into brexit by blaming it for framing a ‘prudent’ budget…the brexit sham is truly the gift that keeps on giving…never waste a good crisis…

    1. Catherine costelloe

      What’s the point in pushIng ahead with the billions on Broadband so, Pascal? Putting the cart before the donkey again and not in the interest of the country. Food and a standard of living is more important.

  9. Murtles

    The amount of trouser tents pitched in the FG party now would rival the camp site at Electric Picnic. They’re rubbing their hands with glee at Brexit and at the prospect of introducing new taxes, cutting budgets for everyone (except for themselves of course) and having an excuse to duck all the hard questions about policy (e.g. What are ye doing about the homeless crisis?) by blaming it all on Brexit. The Dail gravy train wins again and I’d say Leo and Co are lovin Boris right now.

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