Singing The Blues


Meet Your Maker.

The award-winning podcast featuring people who make things hosted by Liam Geraghty.

Liam writes:

This week on Meet Your Maker we sit down to talk to disgruntled North Dublin anti-folk pop merchant Big Monster Love aka Cormac McCanney (top).

An enthusiastic collector of old photographs Cormac has also written a book called True Dublin where he uses photographs, postcards, and other rare documents to give a glimpse into life in Dublin at the end of the 19th century.  Above he discusses the stories behind his music and why he decided to return to gigging.

Meet Your Maker

Pic: Alan Moore

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One thought on “Singing The Blues

  1. Niamh

    I realise I briefly worked with Cormac as a sub-par civil service clerk (me, not him) and had no idea of this rich double life – only knew him as a gentleman.

    Seriously, clerks are dark horses.

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