Preventing Data Breaches With The Experts


Poster for INM’s cyber security conference at Dublin’s RDS today; Data Protection Commissioner Helen Dixon

Independent News and Media is hosting a cyber security conference in Dublin’s RDS today.

At 12.15pm, INM’s Technology Editor Adrian Weckler will speak with Ireland’s Data Protection Commissioner Helen Dixon.

According to the conference agenda, they will discuss:

Tackling the power and reach of the big tech companies in our society.

How to protect people’s privacy and personal security in an era when everything is online.

Making sure that individuals know and exercise their rights.

Navigating international law and geopolitics when legislatures, courts and cultures clash.

Companies’ rights and responsibilities when it comes to data breaches and making mistakes.


Not the first time, mind.

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Pic: Cormac Bourke

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One thought on “Preventing Data Breaches With The Experts

  1. eoin

    In fairness, the fragrant Helen mightn’t have been fully aware of how bad things were at INM when she did the conference in 2018. But come on, did she not read what Judge Peter Kelly had to say a couple of months ago

    “9. The costs of this data interrogation exercise were not discharged by the Respondent. The bills for it were presented to an entity controlled by Mr. O’Brien and paid for by an Isle of Man company called Blaydon Ltd. Mr. O’Brien is the beneficial owner of that company. Blaydon Ltd. appears to act as a paying agent for Mr. O’Brien and his companies.

    10. It is difficult to see what the interrogation of information concerning at least some of the 19 persons had to do with a cost reduction exercise in respect of legal services being provided to the Respondent. For example, two Senior Counsel were amongst those whose data was interrogated. They acted for several years as counsel to the “Inquiry into Payments to Politicians and related matters” presided over by Mr. Justice Moriarty. That tribunal was involved in investigations into allegations relating to the awarding of the second GSM licence to ESAT which is an entity controlled by Mr. O’Brien. In a letter of 30th April, 2018 to Mr. Buckley the Respondent’s solicitors described the names of those searched against as persons who may be regarded as having acted adversely to Mr. O’Brien. The rights and entitlements of some or all of the 19 people may have been transgressed in a most serious way by this activity. So also may have been the rights and entitlements of Mr. Gavin O’Reilly.”

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