The Service Station On Haunted Hill


UPDATE: video removed

Wait for it.

This morning.

On Cork’s 96FM Opinion Line with Pj Coogan.

Dee writes:

PJ spoke to Tom O’Flynn from Tolisons Service Station Mayfield [Cork] in relation to some unexplained activity taking place at night in the shop, which is located [on the old Youghal Road] between two funeral homes.

Liam from Cobh Supernatural Investigators has offered to check out whether any supernatural activity is occurring in the building….

Listen here

12 thoughts on “The Service Station On Haunted Hill

  1. missred

    Must be a regular occurrence in West Cork if there’s a region-specific org called Cobh Supernatural Investigators

  2. martco

    well done Tom. my first call would have been rentokil as opposed to a radio show but I think you might have made the Darwin list there

    you can look forward to a visit from your local food safety officer shortly, the FSAI will have you tied in knots for months to come

    1. Thomas

      I’ll break it down for you Marco in a more simpler form so you can grasp things better,

      1, I didnt call the radio station…. they called me.
      2, HSE were there on the monday as we opened new deli and approved of us. In that visit we were inspected thoroughly and still passed.
      3, there is 2 different angles of the footage which show nothing near the object.
      4, pest-a-tec were there on the tues as routine check up ( this happened on the tues night ) and nothing was detected….. zero.
      5, average fruit bowl would weight 2-3kg, plus fruit give it 4kg….. average weight of rodent is 250grams. So we’ll do math here, that would be 15+times its weight…… now Marco, can you lift 15+times your weight???
      6, I didnt say it was this, that or anything……. I said i didn’t know as i looked at all angles ( remember i said that in the interview ) and I could confirm nothing was near either objects.

      So Before you try to sound intelligent id highly advise you actually listen to the full interview first ,then sit…take a wee little breather and dont rush into things instead of piecing together your own little theories.

      Thanks Marco

  3. Gokkers

    delph slid off a smooth glass counter., if theres somebody here please give us a massage!, yes a massage!

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