Leave Lyric Alone


Lyric FM’s Liz Nolan

This calls for WAGNER!

Lyric FM

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32 thoughts on “Leave Lyric Alone

  1. Jonickal

    We’re terrible at supporting the arts in this country. Public spending on arts in Ireland is amongst the lowest per capita in Europe. Yet we’ve somehow over the years talked ourselves in to believing we’ve a thriving arts culture. We don’t.

  2. Mr.Fart

    culture and art first on the chopping block as always. the gov. opinion on art has always been “its just a hobby and nothing serious”

  3. eoin

    Very clever of RTE to frame its crisis around the question “well, what service do you want us to drop” and then sit back and await the howls of outrage from whatever quarter boo-hooing their pet favourite is about to face the chop.
    How much did Lyric FM cost to operate in 2012 when RTE was making a surplus? €6.6m.

    How much did it cost last year when RTE made a €13m loss? €6.6m

    The problem isn’t Lyric FM.

    Why doesn’t RTE stop whatever eejitry it started doing in 2016 when Dee Forbes arrived and get back to 2012/3. RTE will whine “But there’s been Brexit and the loss of commercial revenue to the internet companies since then”? Fupp off, RTE’s overall revenue in 2013 was €328m, in 2018 it was €339m. If we’re going to drop anything, why not drop Dee Forbes who has managed to turn an organisation breaking even in 2012 and 2013 into an organisation which lost €40m since she took over in 2016.

    1. theo kretschmar schuldorff

      We wish them to drop the Joe Duffy service & the Ray D’Arsey service and to cut back ruthlessly on the Tubs service. That should save a few quid.

      It pains me to remember that amateur, special interest-driven Jazz FM was not given a license while Spin & Phantom were thought more deserving. Very mixed up priorities surround broadcasting in Ireland.

      1. martco

        I hope you’re not suggesting that Denis O’Brien would get some kind of special treatment over others @theo?

    2. V

      Sack the Board

      Who themselves have too many conflicts to be able to make strategic decisions that are only in the best interests of the organisation

      Then see if Dee Forbes can do the job properly
      Or not

  4. A Person

    How many people listen to Lyric? How many commentators on hear listen to Lyric on a regular basis? Why even something is deemed “cultural” by a few people, should it be supported indefinitely?

    1. Clampers Outside

      By regular do you mean at least 4 or 5 times a week, for an hour or two, sometimes for a few hours, or a whole morning and afternoon?

      * raises hand *

      I loves me a bit o’ Marty in the mornings sometimes too, … was her good self who got me into him listenin’ to him there.

    2. Jake38

      I do.

      and I don’t listen to Moaning Ireland, Livewhine, Drivewhine or any of the other drivel masquerading as news/current affairs/voxpop on RTE.

      Tubs should go, Wheezy Finucane should have gone years ago, along with the rest of the geriatrics.

      Asked to come up with one outstanding professional on the current RTE roster and all I can come up with is Keelin Shanley.

      thats it.

  5. Lilly

    I’d miss Evelyn Grant’s Weekend Drive. And John Kelly. I listen to Lyric in the car at the weekend when they’re boring on about sport on Radio 1. I switch over anytime something tedious or annoying is on Radio 1, such as Joe Duffy or waffle about Brexit. Do us all a favour and ditch 2FM instead.

  6. Richard Marxism

    serious musos will not miss lyric. never play full symphony or concerts, only the poppy snippets. if you want serious classical music, play BBC R3

    plus half the presenters clearly don’t know anything about music and can’t pronounce the names or titles properly.

    sorry but Lyric is poopy

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