‘Ceiliúradh LGFA le Lidl’ on TG4.

(Celebrate LGFA with LIdl)

Rónán Ó Coisdealbha writes:

With the support of Lidl and the LGFA, TG4 will broadcast a special television programme to celebrate the 2019 All-Ireland Ladies Football Finals.

‘Ceiliúradh LGFA le Lidl’ presented by Gráinne McElwain will visit all six counties playing in the Junior, Intermediate and Senior All-Ireland Ladies Football Finals in Croke Park on Sunday afternoon.

‘Ceiliúradh LGFA le Lidl’ at 8:15pm on TG4.

Meanwhile, on Sunday

11:40am   Peil na mBan Beo coverage begins on TG4
11:45am   TG4 All-Ireland Junior Championship Final – Fermanagh v Louth
1:45pm     TG4 All-Ireland Intermediate Championship Final – Meath v Tipperary
4:00pm     TG4 All-Ireland Senior Championship Final – Dublin v Galway

Peil Na MBan (TG4)

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9 thoughts on “Staying In Amarach?

      1. Tony

        Ah tsk yourself big boy! It should be the WGFA and the All Ireland Women’s Football Final in this day and age.

        ‘Ladies’ me hoop!

  1. Ultach

    A tsk in agreement sir, you’re absolutely right. Don’t understand why our sisters still take all the sexist crap in Gaelic games, the genteel “ladies” business, the patronising diminutive “camogie” title for the female version of hurling, the infantalising differences in the rules for the female versions of both sports designed to protect their delicate feminine frames, never mind the mammies being always expected to make the tay and sangwidges while the menfolk make the speeches and hurl abuse at refs…

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