The Cost Of One For Everyone


Ryan Tubridy (centre) during rehearsals for last year’s Late Late Toy Show

We’re going to save this station.

One product placement at a time.

Monty Rose writes:

Considering the audience numbers generated by the LLS toy show the ad rates are no big surprise but the cost of the ‘one for everybody in the audience’ is.

Ever wondered what it costs to give away an audience prize on the show? Well, for a flat media fee of €10,000 – and subject to approval from the broadcaster and the show’s production team- clients will be expected to give away 230 prizes with a minimum value of €150 each.

So doing some quick maths tells me that even if you go with a prize that’s worth the bare minimum a giveaway will cost a company €44.5k.

RTÉ Unveils Advertising Packages for Late Late Toy Show Advertising (Adworld)

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9 thoughts on “The Cost Of One For Everyone

  1. Col

    Presuming the minimum value of €150 is the recommended retail price, you’d need to take into account the markup.

  2. eoin

    Is Broadsheet deliberately winding us up today, at this stage, we’re like cartoon figures with steam coming out of our ears. The smiling fupper above on €495.000 a year (ex clothing/grooming and expenses) went out last year and exploited the Toy Show to promote his fupping book. It’s just disgrace heaped upon disgrace for loss-making RTE at this stage.

  3. White Dove

    I can’t understand how people can bear to watch a programme which happily celebrated the imaginary joy of Irish childhood right through the days of institutional and clerical abuse, corporal punishment, lack of central heating etc.

    There have been multiple reports, can we face up to what happens, draw a line in the sand and get rid of this creepiness?

  4. Ads

    Not to mention the cars given away on shows, providing advertising beyond measure and approval guaranteed for these poison-spewing motor companies.

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