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  1. GiggidyGoo

    FG realizing the game is almost up as the main party in power. FFG gets closer to morphing into one party. The ‘Ill scratch your back if you scratch mine’ confidence and supply will continue though if FF become the leading party.
    Why is Coveney hiding about Bailey? Is she still getting paid for the position she has (allegedly) been removed from on the housing committee? Last I heard was that the Dail hadn’t been notified officially of her not being on the committee anymore as chair-o-plane .

  2. eoin

    The state of British media with Cameron blazoned across most of their front pages. He’s the moggy who did a giant poo in your bed and disappeared for a few hours and has now returned to the scene to blame everyone for their responses. Oh, and he’s finally finished that book he’s been working on, it’s the £20 compendium of excuses for why he did a giant poo in your bed.

    1. bisted

      …heh heh heh…rule#1 in every politicos guide should be – never believe your own press releases. In all the coverage I don’t see Cameron acknowledge the blatent truth that complacent remainers didn’t participate in the democratic process…

      1. shayna

        It’s a pretty much, “It wasn’t me, it was the other fellah” scenario with Cameron. He doesn’t rule out a 2nd referendum? The damage is done – he was PM when he bowed to the pressure of Nigel Farage’s UKIP. The truth is in the figures – it was the”Middle England” vote which vetoed Scotland, Wales, the North of Ireland, London (they voted 99% to remain). It’s not the other fellah’s fault, it was Cameron’s fault for being a weak PM.

        1. bisted

          …call it 2nd referendum, peoples vote, whatever…what it amounts to is democracy is being over-ruled in the mother of parliaments and it was Cameron who precipitated the situation…wouldn’t be surprised if he hadn’t even bothered voting himself…

          1. B9Com From No

            Nonsense – people didn’t know what they were voting for and will change their mind now when faced with the reality of Brexit

            I don’t believe Cameron was weak – just a bit of a moron- I liked him- his apology in Derry will live long in the memory

          2. shayna

            It’s too far gone for a 2nd referendum. Johnson, purely from my own memoires d’histoire of the chap – he’s an idiot.

          3. shayna

            Felicity Huffman doing jail time after being found guilty of bribing for her daughter’s exam results If that’s a precedent – okay, that’s the USA, but how many stupid people from money seem to be in charge – Boris Johnson?

          4. some old queen

            I disagree shayna- Murdoch’s worms are in your brain if you believe that.

            ANY deal will be put to a third EU referendum and there WILL be an option to Remain- then the gloves are really off.

  3. eoin

    Remember the FF junior minister and senator Ivor Callely and how you all said in 2010 he had a brass neck for initially denying he made fraudulent expense claims? Ivor was subsequently turfed out of FF and jailed. Now, it turns out his neck isn’t all the brass after all. The Sun reports he broke it when he cycled his bike into a tree stump.He’s “in a bad way” so you shouldn’t mock, though the tone of the article suggests he’ll pull through somehow.

    1. Slightly Bemused

      While I do not wish ill on anyone, and do hope that he pulls through with a complete recovery, I think something about this is worth mentioning.

      Eoin, you say the tone suggests he will pull through. I think this is testament to both the increased knowledge about spinal injuries, and the incredible training and professionalism of the emergency services. Advances in emergency care, right from initial first aid through EMT and paramedic support and on through A&E and recovery, the chances of surviving what once was a sentence to life in a wheelchair is now reduced often to an (relatively speaking) inconvenient stay in hospital and physio for recovery.

      This is seen in the amount of time the docs and medics take on fields of sport where a head injury is suspected. Incredible care of the patient, taking the time needed and the hell with the rest of the game.

      Likely, I would say that My Callely received similar care.

      I have enormous respect for the women and men of the ambulance and fire services, and the volunteer crews as well, who are the ones whose initial treatment makes these recoveries possible.

  4. eoin

    Jebus, if Leo is upset at Independent Galway TD Noel Grealish – who is providing support to Leo’s government – for calling some asylum seekers “spongers”, what will Leo say when he learns that Michael Lowry is a convicted criminal, having been convicted for tax offences a year ago, for which he luckily avoided prison though he was fined €15,000 personally and disqualified from acting as a director for three years (expiring in June 2021). If Leo is still accepting Lowry’s support, then what moral right does he have to challenge Grealish?

  5. eoin

    Scabs and scab enablers, Bord Bia facilitated the cartel of billionaire Irish beef processors to transfer processing from plants located in the Republic to Northern Irish plants. And the fuppin’ cheek of the Bord Bia chief executive Tara McCarthy for appearing in the media yesterday claiming credit for this state of affairs. As the Shinners say “The move by processors, aided and abetted by An Bord Bia, to re-import beef was a seriously unhelpful and provocative action which has served merely to inflame the situation. It has also allowed the added value on Irish beef to be taken out of the economy.”

    This is what beef farmers are up against. They will need serious support to let them get off their knees and make a living. Ultimately, they will need move into the processing space themselves because the cartel of billionaire processors have been ruthlessly exploiting their position in the supply chain to reduce farmers to penury.

    1. GiggidyGoo

      That is FGs take on ‘supporting indigenous industry’. Can’t have meaty companies like that owned by Coveney’s brother suffer

  6. eoin

    What’s RTE’s ex current affairs chief Ken O’Shea up to these days. Ken was at the centre of the Fr Reynolds scandal and was on the periphery, allegedly, of the Pat Kenny tweetgate scandal [remember Pat read out a tweet during a presidential debate which sunk the chances of the leading candidate and enable Michael D to romp home]. The Sunday Business Post ran a story on the tweetgate scandal in September 2018, Ken took offence and had his complaint upheld at the Press Council and Press Ombudsman. Now Ken is suing the Sunday Business Post.

    Does the SBP still have libel insurance with Chubb, because if they don’t, I don’t think they’d have the resources to fight a full case in the High Court, let alone pay out any significant amount of damages.

      1. eoin

        Depends on how far he goes with it [which, in turn, will depend on how the SBP decide to defend the case]. We saw earlier this year when Denis O’Brien lost his case against the SBP that you can easily rack up 100s of thousands in legal costs, even if the damages themselves are a fraction of that.

        1. some old queen

          In my personal experience I would think it is more who is suing you rather than who you threw confetti at.


          Food Bank recipient.

  7. eoin

    Ah, isn’t that nice. Denis O’Brien joins the Edge from U2 on the board of a new entrepreneurial support company, Endeavor. The company will have unquantified financial support from the pair and a few others to help 4-6 Irish entrepreneurs a yearwith “mentoring, educational programmes, and capital. ”

    I wonder what mentoring they’d give to a business with $8bn of debt, reducing revenue, haemorrhaging cash, making a net loss, operating in the most corrupt places on the planet and facing imminent renewals of expensive mobile phone licences?

    Or what advice they’d give a businessman whose current “main source of wealth” was acquired at a knock down price from a state bank in highly controversial circumstances which necessitated the establishment of a commission of investigation that’s costing us €30m?

    Or what advice they’d give a businessman against whom highly “adverse conclusions” had been made in a long-running Tribunal, amongst which was the conclusion he had given cash and other benefits to a minister who facilitated the award to the businessman of a mobile phone licence?

      1. martco

        in fairness to the man he never ever claimed to be worlds greatest guitarist. he freely admits its all about the trickery. but it’s a trickery he’s very good at & he’s revered by many of his peers for having being instrumental (!) in opening up new creative possibilities. if it’s one thing that boils my piss it’s when people have this purist notion that the guitar or other instruments must only be played in some sort of a rigid classic way…that you’re just a messer unless you try to copy Rory Gallagher. or be as talented as Rodrigo y Gabriela (next week can’t wait!)

        whatever about the band I’d argue that Evans is definitely a fine musician & any student would have something to learn from

      1. GiggidyGoo

        Probably putting his name to it. Or ‘helping’ by becoming a director, and helping get government contracts, tax breaks etc. And buying out afterwards.

      2. eoin

        He [d’Edge] is providing great support to a certain Denis O’Brien because you know, if d’Edge will go into a venture with Denis, then surely he, Denis can’t be all bad, or as bad as the Moriarty Tribunal says, or the investigation at INM and Judge Kelly’s remarks suggest, or that there was anything improper in Denis’s purchase of Siteserv [ a transaction that is costing us €30m to scrutinise in a commission of investigation].

        In other words, d’Edge is helping Denis launder his reputation, just in time to be awarded, in three weeks, the €5 (five) billion National Broadband Plan.

    1. Clampers Outside

      So long as there’s a supervisor on site, we can all chill knowing those swingers will be safe.

  8. eoin

    Ashes of Willie “No Willie [after he cut his willy off with a bread knife in the street 40 years ago]” Hampton have been interred in west Belfast. When he died in 2018, Willie’s will, created in 1997, left at least £1.5m to the Shinners but there could be an additional £1m coming their way.

    Fair play to the Irish News for correctly reporting the fact the ashes were interred in west Belfast last year. Almost makes up for the Irish News, biggest daily newspaper in Northern Ireland, printing a story based on a tweet from a parody Ian Paisley twitter account. The Irish News has now tweeted “The Irish News Online yesterday inadvertently used material from a parody Twitter account purporting to be in the name of Ian Paisley MP. Mr Paisley has contacted us to stress he has no connection whatsoever with the parody account…The content was taken down as soon as we realised our error. We regret any upset and inconvenience caused by this mistake.”

    The original tweet from the parody account had responded to the decision of Ryanair and Aer Lingus to cancel services at a Belfast airport, the parody Ian Paisley account tweeted “Disgusting decision. No doubt pressure has been put on Ryanair by the Irish government. Good riddance to this low budget, poor quality, foreign airline. Be gone!”

    1. eoin

      The yacht Denis bought second hand in 2014 and which is now rented out all year round?

      You wouldn’t find proper billionaires like Abramovich or Usmanov having to resort to Airbnb-type rents. MInd you, maybe when the shady Richard Bruton signs the €5 (five) billion National Broadband Plan with Denis in three weeks, Denis will be able to afford a real superyacht for his own use.

  9. GiggidyGoo

    Anyone that reads the law will understand why Varadkar disagrees with the DPCs report. So he says anyway. So the ‘anyones’ that disagree with Varadkar don’t count then?
    Maybe if Varadkar himself completed his initial studies at university in law (the course he followed for a few months until he was somehow ‘awarded’ extra points so that he could study medicine) we might believe him.

  10. Ron

    Ah yeah Coveney, a pure waffler. Got elected on nothing more than the name but sure when you have an electorate in Ireland handing out jobs like that to the most incompetent people you can’t really blame him.

    Well done Ireland, you are what you vote and Coveney represents the bottom of the barrel and that says something when you see the state of the rest of the daw jaws the electorate sent to Leinster House

    take some accountability for your stupidity at the ballot box Ireland

  11. f_lawless

    Just when you thought the credibility of Venezuelan presidential pretender, Juan Guaido, couldn’t sink any lower after trying and failing to instigate a military coup back in April, photos now emerge of him smiling and posing for photos with Colombian drug lords. This is the guy our EU leaders rushed to back and still continue to recognise as Venezuela’s president despite him never running for any elections. In thrall to globalist elites is what they are.

  12. shayna

    Congrats to the Dubs – 5 in a row is quite an achievement, kinda historic, etc… Anyhoos, Cheers to Dublin!

    1. some old queen

      Christ- no hearing of it in my life time so.

      Anyways- back to pretty boy with the scared heart picture in the background- I have the paddle at the ready- trousers down- his not mine obvs- taking the urine surely?

      Unlike his bro who drinks in a bar frequented by mainly eastern Europeans- obviously.

      1. shayna

        Methinks your comment has arrived in the wrong thread, SOQ – I don’t think pants down is relevant to the GAA?

        1. some old queen

          Nope def a directed comment at the ITV.

          I look forward to meeting this pretty boy.

          It is most definitely going to happen.

          1. some old queen

            Interview with Michael Stone complaining about Belfast ghettoisation is it next pretty boy?

            Sacred heart picture and tricolor still in the background yeah?

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