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  1. Cú Chulainn

    I have returned to a comment board that has descended into a slagging off match.. will none of you think of the clowns.. first they came for the seagulls, then the badgers, then a whole bunch of other ones I can’t remember, and now they are coming for the clowns.. we’re next…!!!

  2. Formerly Known As @ireland.com

    BoJo the clown sinks to new low with reference to the Incredible Hulk. I didn’t know the hulk was from the Greek classics.

  3. Otis Blue

    The determination of the DEASP that it would not be in the public interest to release the PSC report should only serve to pique public interest and scrutiny into the whole debacle.

    1. Batty Brennan

      On the face of it, there appear to be two possibilities:

      a) Career civil servants at the highest level in DEASP are refusing a direct, legally issued, instruction from their minister.

      b) Regina Doherty is lying.

      Let us take all the time required to give careful consideration as to which of these two explanations is the most likely.

      1. Otis Blue

        That increasingly demented stare of Doherty suggests she’s channeling her inner Kenny Craig.

        “Look into my eyes, look into the eyes, the eyes, the eyes, not around the eyes, don’t look around the eyes, look into my eyes… (clicks) you’re under. You must forget everything about the Public Services Card.

        3, 2, 1, you’re back in the room…

  4. eoin

    Why is the media (RTE especially) claiming it’s “mission accomplished” with the beef dispute. As far as I can tell, the farmers are getting an extra 8c a kilo. According to the Sunday Times yesterday:

    “The few factories that remained open last week paid an average of €3.45 a kilo for steers and €3.55 for heifers, according to the Irish Farmers’ Association (IFA). Some in the industry forecast that these prices could fall as low as €3.30 over the coming months.”

    Have the farmers really gone to these lengths for a 3% increase in prices?

    1. eoin

      RTE has been reporting all day that a deal’s been done, but has a single picket been lifted at a single processing plant? It’s almost like RTE is trying to barge the proposed deal through, despite it offering, on the face of it, very little to most farmers who will still be selling at a loss.

  5. eoin

    That’s a demotion for Fionnan Sheahan at INM, right? He was the editor-in-chief across all titles including online, now he’s the “Ireland editor” of Independent, Sunday Independent and Independent.ie only. What’s an “Ireland editor” when they’re at home, is it on the same level as business editor? And what about the Sunday World and Herald?

    It’s been a rocky old year for Fionnan. He was the subject of a 100-page bullying complaint by the former business editor and he was hauled before the courts to answer contempt charges for an article which led to the collapse of a rape trial last year [Fionnan was exonerated in that latter matter]. Now that INM has been taken over by the Belgians, there have been a few changes, but this deffo looks like a demotion to me.

    1. Lilly

      Demotion alright. Maybe they’ll reinstate Dearbhail McDonald now. She’s a far bigger asset to them than the wily Fionnan.

  6. eoin

    The Daily Mail’s Irish website Extra.ie is still finding its feet.

    They’ve finally uploaded yesterday’s Mail for you to read.

    The RTE story about the sale of the Cork studio is here


    Remember though, this is RTE flying kites in the hope and expectation there’ll be outrage “OMG, they’re shutting Lyric”, “OMG, the closing their Cork facilities, it’s a sad day for the rebel city”, “OMG, maybe we should give RTE a bail out”

    The bald facts are, RTE managed to provide all of its services in 2013 and 2014 and still make a small surplus. Since 2014, RTE’s revenue has increased from €328m to €339m in 2018. Yet, in 2018, it made a €13m loss. Lyric FM costs €6.6m a year to run, it did in 2018, it did in 2013.

    RTE is just being devious about these kites, especially Lyric which has a more upmarket, influential audience.

    1. eoin

      “Property agents said the landmark Cork studios at Father Mathew Street [Opened in 1995,] – from where Today With Maura And Daithí and the John Creedon radio show are broadcast – could raise between €1m and €1.5m on the open market.”

      Yeah, right. A dated former Bord Gas building with old broadcasting equipment. You’d be lucky to make enough to pay Ryan and Joe for six months.

  7. eoin

    Irish Times main story, Gardai to raid solicitors suspected of dealing with bogus compo claims.


    I’d like to see a certain firm try to password-protect their front door to stop the Gardai coming in!

  8. eoin

    Another day, another scandal at our national center for hazing excellence, the Irish Times reports

    “Trinity College Dublin, which just days ago called for further investment to bulwark against its tumbling down the world university rankings [from #110 to #164 in 12 months], spent more then a quarter of a million euro on business class flights last year…TCD declined to detail individual business class fares for its staff last year which ran to €259,084 in total.”

  9. eoin

    Northern Ireland’s #5 biggest manufacturer, Wright Bus is “days away” from entering administration, reports the BelTel. It employs 1,400, 86% of whom are Protestant. It’s supplies the Boris Bus to London. Bojo has pledged support but what can he do with [EU!] state aid rules? Wright Bus is privately owned, but the rumour is, it needs a £30m bailout.

  10. GiggidyGoo

    Coveney has his Cork ‘venue’ to fall back on to try garner votes come next election. I wonder what Shame Ross has.
    Oh – Stepaside Garda Station. (the one he’s been promising ever since before the last election)
    Seemingly something that’s operational 7am to 9pm is 24-hour. But sure he must be correct – after all he promised in 2017 that the station would be reopened. Same a Harpo Halligan and his scanner in Waterford. Never happened.

  11. shayna

    Drive beyond Five? I’ve no dispute to the great achievement of Dublin. I do witter on about Tyrone – it’s kinda where do we go from here? To borrow a term from a sport that I don’t understand, “it’s a sticky wicket”. 6 in a row? My dad played for Tyrone in ’57 against Louth in the semi-final, who went on to win in the final against Cork. The smallest county versus the biggest county. I don’t think the whole David and Goliath scenario is possible today. Mayo tried, Tyrone tried, Kerry tried – is it still a good sport?

    1. eoin

      How much sponsorship does Tyrone get, how much does Dublin get? Where does the sponsorship go? Can money buy you better training facilities, better sports and fitness education, better coaching? 10-in-a-row, alive-alive-o.

      1. shayna

        I’m going to go ahead and suggest that you may be a Dub? Tyrone are well funded, due to the success of Mickey Harte. Yes, money was spent in Garvaghy, Tyrone – kids kick football where the senior team train, its kinda inspirational.

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