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  1. BS

    I really hope there isn’t a united ireland. Imagine all that 12th nonsense and bored teenagers coming down to put some bonfires up and throw petrol bombs at the Gardaí all summer.

    Let it stay up there.

    1. eoin

      Following recent polls which show there is a majority of Northern Ireland in favour of a reunified Ireland, the Good Friday peace treaty states the Northern Ireland secretary of state shall arrange a Border Poll. All of the arguments can be aired then. I think we’ll be reunified within the next five years and be one of the places on earth to live.

      1. Rob_G

        It’ll cost £26 BILLION per YEAR, according to the study references in the Irish World – do you want to pay my share, eoin?

        1. eoin

          When we bring Northern Ireland’s economy up to our own standard, will you hand over your share of the €10 billion added wealth a year?

          1. martco

            that’s a conundrum (possibly if indeed ever) your great great grandchildren might have to consider.

      2. martco

        well I’ve no doubt this question will be shoved down our throats @eoin. it is the endgame nobody wants to talk about after all.
        bring it on I say. a big fat NO will prevail.

        as regards your comment “one of the places on earth to live”….a 32 county Ireland? yeah maybe if we end up living in a movie where there’s a nuclear holocaust and we’re one of the few bits of surviving land left. ‘course when that happens the globes 1% will want to pitch up here here so maybe we could make up some cash for passports scheme which would pay for the 32. or something.

        1. bisted

          …I’ve heard two of the most radical voices in the north – Bernadette Devlin and Eamon McCann – both say they would not be in any hurry to unite with the south with it’s current inequality…

          1. Rob_G

            Ya, when did they say that?

            I wonder if they’ve checked the stats on rates of social deprivation in Northern Ireland lately…

          2. bisted

            …where did you get those stats Bog_R…share with us…especially the ones from the NHS on waiting list or people on trollies…the ones from Housing Executive on waiting list for social housing and the numbers of living in emergency accommodation…

  2. Matt

    The Express is a class act. I have to say I do look forward to seeing each day how they’ll present the latest in Brexit fun. Today’s “how very dare they insult our PM” gem hasn’t disappointed!

    1. some old queen

      Yes accusing Luxembourg of being a tax haven while Britain itself being the money laundering capital of the world, which some argue- is the real reason for Brexit.

  3. shayna

    The Irish World are pretty cheerful about a united Ireland – then there’s the estimated bill, oh and 4 referenda? I love how people who don’t live here have such fervent ideas about the future of our country.

    1. eoin

      It’s Garrett’s son again, so I wouldn’t pay too much attention to it. Where was the eejit in the 2000s when the economy was startlingly overheating with an unsustainable bank-fuelled property bubble.

    2. MG CORR

      It’s a TCD study … no citizen of the Repiblic who has given half a thought to the consequences wants reunification with that basket case.

      1. eoin

        Trinity? Which has fallen to #164 from #110 in the world university rankings in the past 12 months, which has lost how many millions to fraud, which won’t say why it’s spending €0.3m a year on business class flights, which is again begging the govt for a bailout despite the €50 million it gets each year, which is only surviving by getting into bed with the likes of state-level spying outfit, Huawei?

        Frankly, if the infants at the local creche were to fling their poo at the wall, you’d probably get a more coherent picture than a TCD report.

    3. Rob_G

      The Irish World is a newspaper for Irish people living in the UK – which, if I understand correctly, is the same as your current situation, Shayna.

    4. Formerly known as @ireland.com

      I wonder how much self interest will play a part in the 26 counties – do FF/FG/LAB want to share the pie with others? Are they brave enough to take on the challenge, when they can sit on their hands in the current arrangement?

      1. shayna

        Hey, Formerly known as Ireland.com – I was on flight back from Gatwick, Aer Lingus, I was sat next to a woman, of a similar age as myself, she was at Trinity with Shane Ross, who’s the Minister for encouraging people to visit Ireland. I’m all the time leaving Ireland?

  4. eoin

    It’s two days since RTE reported “mission accomplished” with the beef dispute, yet there are still blockades at the cartel of billionaire meat processors. Is RTE still using its role as a large media organisation to ram the deal through, “the farming organisations have all agreed it so individual farmers should fall into line”. As far as I can tell, this deal offers farmers 2-3% when they’re seeking 25% and the deal means farmers are still selling at a loss and are facing wipe-out. Meanwhile the cartel and their cartoon-villain spokesman continue to use their financial muscle, built on the backs of ordinary farmers, to hammer the farmers.

    1. Rob_G

      I’m glad that you are really extracting the full value of your licence fee from RTÉ’s services, eoin, I really am.

    2. Cú Chulainn

      The problem is below coat selling by two major new (relatively) supermarkets .. its illegal.. but no one is prepared to put a stop to it..

  5. eoin

    No surprise that Priory Hall will cost us all €40 million. Also no surprise that the Homebond organisation which collects fees on new homes is not paying out a penny. Has it ever stumped up for home defects on new buildings?

    1. GiggidyGoo

      Apart from Homebond – wouldn’t the builders, developers, councils have to have had their own insurances against claims of bad workmanship etc? If so, then the bad workmanship etc. occurred during construction and the insurance policies in force at that time should be claimed against.

    1. some old queen

      28.39% of the [North Antrim] population were or had been brought up as Catholics while 66.03% were or had been brought up as Protestants- so the area was predominately Protestant to being with. Even if there was or is something askew with Wright’s employment practices, this is not the time eoin.

      People are at risk of losing their jobs- end of.


        1. some old queen

          There is a view, which I subscribe to, that Ireland will be united by apathy. That the border will be trampled over so often and by so many that no one will even know where it is. Already the asylum people living in Donegal are popping Xanax before getting onto a bus to Dublin because they don’t know which jurisdiction is which.

          Now let’s talk Wright- an old school Protestant firm- a Brexit pawn- LGBT supported Harland & Wolf across NI prides and will do so for Wright employees too.

          Under no circumstances should any person of the now Ireland be wishing hardship on the families dependent on Wright.

  6. eoin

    Finally! The PSC report will be published today, reports the Irish Times.

    “The confidential letter, which has been seen by The Irish Times, is expected to be published this afternoon alongside the commissioner’s full report, which was sent to the department last month.” says Jack Ho Jo.

    Regina has had the report for nearly five weeks and the draft conclusions for 13 months.

    FG knew they’d come under unrelenting pressure in the Dail to publish the report, so they’ve maxed their delay ahead of the Dail resuming later today.

  7. eoin

    [Sorry Bodger…]

    Pete Taylor’s daughter is to return to the ring in November. In Manchester. Last year, it was reported “Boxing champion Katie Taylor was unlikely to fight in Ireland because of serious security concerns following a murder at a weigh-in event, her manager said recently.”

    Can anyone imagine any other proper sport where the leading contenders refuse to participate in Ireland?

    1. Lilly

      Maybe Katie’s manager is concerned someone will have a pop at her to settle a score with her father. In light of the Bray shooting, it seems a reasonable precaution.

    1. Rob_G

      “No more public funds from the Irish nation for international rugby – lets see if that softens their cough.”

      – can’t see that being a runner; a lot more people are interested in rugby than are interested in your stupid ideas about nationality and bloodlines…

      1. The Salmon of Wilt

        Well then them provide their own private support for this fake Irish Rugby team with their fake supporters and fake victories.

        Not one more cent for this sham.

    2. rotide

      ” questioning Aki’s or Stander’s right to play for Ireland probably says more about the people who do so than the players themselves.”

      Gerry said it best in the article

        1. shayna

          I wouldn’t necessarily blame Phil Coulter, he just penned a song – although, I never did get the whole reason why? My first year living in Belfast – my downstairs neighbours called the PSNI because they could hear Amhrán Na Bhiann from my tv – I was watching the All-Ireland Football Final. The Artane Band, apparently contributed to my charge of behaving in a sectarian manner. It was dismissed as nonsense, of course – but I did have to watch two constables stare at their boots while they informed me of the complaint. A United Ireland, a united rugby team, it’s clear that it’s a case of them against us.

          1. shayna

            @B9Papi – funnily enough, Dublin won – Cluxton with a miracle point from an impossible distance in the last minute. MY boots? They’re not really an item that merits a stare, to be honest.

      1. The Salmon of Wilt

        Gerry said it best in the article

        Plastic Paddies will saying anything they are paid to say.

        Why do they hate Irish People?

        It’s a pathology at this stage.

        Irish Rugby is now a pointless, meaningless anachronism.

          1. The Salmon of Wilt

            Were they born on the island of Ireland? Or the direct descendant of same?

            There is a difference between the nation and the citizens… but maybe the sublty is lost on the Plastic Paddies…

          2. The Salmon of Wilt

            Subtly is lost on Plastic Paddies.

            Facts confuse them.

            Truth makes them angry.

            Stop the public funding of privatised plastic paddies masquerading as Irish.

          3. The Salmon of Wilt

            Loosing the argument so you try and create a debate over the messenger rather than the message.

            The sure sign of a troubled, diminishing intellect.

            The point is yyou can’t really have an Irish National Rugy Team made up of people with no true connection to the nation.

            Or you can – but it will be a fake National Team- ie: a lie.

            Are you comfortable with lies?

  8. Ben Redmond

    We can’t afford the annual bill of 26bn euro for a United Ireland. Westminster cannot afford the mounting annual bill for subsidising Northern Ireland. Would an Independent Scotland be able and willing to accept the north as a western province? Black Bush and Red Bush could then be marketed as Western Scotch. Ulster Scots dialect could be protected, maybe promoted as a regional lingua franca in Antrim and North Down, by a new Caledonian Language Act.

  9. Pip

    Anyone notice the irony of the ‘recent border polls’ outcome closely mimicking the Brexit result?
    Not a good look.

  10. eoin

    Front page of the London Times today, a new website has been launched which shows pollution levels across London, with the news that high pollution can knock 20% off the value of a property. I wonder will we ever see such an initiative in Dublin? I wonder what the pollution levels are around the docklands, and the €4,000-a-month apartments? The EPA published a report a couple of months ago which stated several measurement sites in Dublin showed levels of pollution which breached limits.


    1. some old queen

      This has already happened- back when lorries were allowed along the quays- people in the apartment blocks around Christchurch started to develop respiratory conditions and had to move- the rent and purchase price of those homes subsequently dropped as a result.

      1. Cú Chulainn

        Wait for the highly toxic dioxins from the incinerator that drop over the city centre to show up.. people will be crying for the days of dirty diesel..

  11. UnB9PFrom Planet GOD

    How many more lives are these farmers going to ruin?

    Kepak postponing €6.5m investment at Clare meat plant

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