What You’ll Be Wearing Next Season


This morning/afternoon.

Models Gracie (above right) and Kelly (left) sporting ‘statement designer pieces in a curated collection from 60 retailers the jervis Street Shopping Centre this coming Autumn/Winter.

Including the return of the furry-lined RAF-style bomber jacket.


Jervis Street Shopping Centre

 Leon Farrell / Photocall Ireland

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25 thoughts on “What You’ll Be Wearing Next Season

  1. eoin

    Are we still going with the animal prints? Have we ever figured out which one – cheetah, leopard, jaguar – says you’re up for kinky sex?

  2. Ian Heaton

    That’s an impressive stride, if done leaving the wall (penultimate pic). Is it an updated version of the of walk of Ministry of Silly Walks?

    1. some old queen

      No that is how Modals walk- purposefully towards their next meal- which is every other Wednesday whiter they are hungry or not.

      Seriously- what boring clothes- is there some rule among the Jervis buyers that everything has to be dull as? The men’s section is even worse- unlike the BT buyers who are obviously spending waaay too much time with their leisure wear kitted dealers of course.

  3. shayna

    I kinda like the outfit in pic 4 – the pinkish affair, although I’d have gone with natural boots and bag, rather than black.

    1. some old queen

      Are you doing Belfast Culture night on Friday shayna? I was there last year and distinctly unimpressed. Full on targeting of kids and families which is fair enough but it felt like there was a curfew- everything stopped sharp at 10pm.

      Even then, it should be on a Saturday and Sunday but we know why that won’t happen.


        1. some old queen

          If you heading out for an adult night then best avoid the city center as it is mainly state sponsored bull s h i t.

          Then again- that is probably an accurate representation of Belfast “culture”.

          1. shayna

            You know I’ve lived here (Belfast) for a bit – I tend to go to The Sunflower – I kinda play violin (fiddle) and jam there – it’s all impromptu, it’s like a pub in Donegal, or wherever, people playing music together.

          2. some old queen

            Yup well you’ll need to get in there early as queues to Sunflower- I am in town but Ormeau area only as Buckfast’ed teens is definitely not my scene.

            I just find the city center to be weird- Royal Avenue is the equivalent of Grafton Street and not one late night venue- why?

  4. missred

    If I knew which shop that lovely vinyl coat was from I’d be able to run in and out again without having to look around the bowels of hell that is the Jervis centre. Awful kip

        1. some old queen

          You should try Gay Pride- breast feeding in the community center is about the height of it- some decent coffee shops around the crazy money fountain area- ran by illegal Brazilians but they are Catholic so grand.

  5. Lurch

    People becoming more cognisant of how destructive the rag trade is, thanks mainly to the actions of environmental groups like XR.
    The use of child labour is rife along with abysmal pay, dangerous working conditions and evidence of slave labour (in China).
    The environmental effects are as bad. Massive water consumption in cottoon production along with widepread release of toxic dyes in water courses is having a terrible effect. Air pollution and massive greenhouse gas emissions are really serious issues also.
    Hopefully the fast-fashion trend of western cultures to buy vast amounts of clothing that is rarely worn, if at all, will die out.
    Many studies mark the textile industry as the second most polluting industry in the world, ranking it only after the oil industry.

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