Your Bill Freshly Chopped In Half


The newly re-opened Freshly Chopped, Baggot Street, Dublin 2

free tomorrow?

Enjoy salads?

Like a bargain?

Read on.

Ian Collins writes;

Freshly Chopped’, the healthy food company, has now re-opened on Baggot Street as ‘Freshly Chopped Innovation Kitchen’ following a complete redesign of the menu and service model,

The Baggot Street outlet was the very first Freshly Chopped, opened in May 2012.

Since then Freshly Chopped has expanded to include over 50 outlets throughout Ireland and internationally.

The Baggot Street location was selected to showcase the new Freshly Chopped experience as it was immediately popular with the local community in a vibrant area of ever changing dining options and brands.

to celebrate our opening customers from 12pm – 2pm can avail of HALF PRICE on selected salads…


15 thoughts on “Your Bill Freshly Chopped In Half

  1. Janet, I ate my Avatar

    I wanted to like this shop bit honestly every time I tried chopped I got the runs, not sure how the salade is stored but when it’s all chopped up you can’t avoid the wilty, feck with your tummy bits

    1. papa p

      100% agree.
      I went to the opening in the Ilac Centre.
      They had a free lunch special.
      I’m vegan (apologies) and I saw my “food preparer” throw the salad onto a surface that just had a chicken salad chopped up.
      I pointed it out to him. He looked at me like I was a hipster vegan and begrudgingly made me a new one.

      I’ll never do back.

      1. Clampers Outside

        But, they just announced a new “service model”. Surely it’s wor…. ah, what do I care, suit yourself :)

  2. Charlie

    I’ll never understand people paying large sums for this stuff. It’s got the same selection as every deli counter in Dunne’s, Tesco etc etc but twice the price.

      1. Clampers Outside

        My local Supervalue does jambons at 8.40am that are as crusty and dry as the jambons in the average garage hotlight bamboree…. everyday, without fail.

        Some skill that, in fairness.

  3. Increasing Displacement

    Chopito is nice. Just a burrito for 6 Euro I think it was.
    Not too pricey, nicer than a spar etc roll and very filling.

  4. Spaghetti Hoop

    If lunch is your main meal of the day, Chopped, the Fresh salad bar and the like cost a fortune. Invest in that head of lettuce, grains and veg and make your own!

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