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  1. The Rt. Hon. Tub of Lard MP

    Great display of empathy there for children there by Brexit central, The Daily Star – Twice.

    1. Cú Chulainn

      The Star finally mentioned Brexit.. the UK Supreme Court is a liberal elite and dull apparently.. before having a go at the NHS.. they really do deserve what’s coming..

  2. eoin

    The ploughing championship/farmers’ jamboree in Carlow this year is more eventful than usual. First the beef farmers confront Bord Bia which collaborated with the cartel to fast-track approval for their plants outside the State. Sadly there doesn’t appear to be full video of the confrontation but the farmers didn’t appear to hold back.

    And then, Ray Darcy was confronted in the RTE tent about his salary and alleged comments “I’m ashamed to be Irish”. Ray ran for cover, demanding to know who the person was asking these questions [Dee Wall, someone often seen in the company of our favorite anti-unicornist] and what organisation was she with. The mask slipped, Ray dived for cover and held up a female RTE staffer to defend him while he disappeared behind the curtain. Ray Darcy, and his What Next Productions Limited, who gets €450,000 a year (ex clothes/grooming/expenses) from loss-making RTE.

  3. eoin

    Jeepers, the beef farmers are facing the might of the state in their efforts to sell their product at a price which covers the cost of production. There’s the cartel of billionaire beef processors who are more ruthless and you have RTE trying to ram home a deal which the farmers can’t accept because it doesn’t address their basic grievance about price, and you have certain politicians, the Farmers Journal, Bord Bia and now, the restaurants.

    Farmers Journal even stressed that one of the beef farmers at yesterday’s protest in Carlow was in a yellow vest, not a hi-viz vest or workers vest, but a yellow vest, a gilet jaune. Farmers Journal, in bed with the useless IFA which abandoned beef farmers a long time ago.

  4. eoin

    In 2008, Simon Coveney got married to Ruth Furney. You will have seen Ruth plastered over the media when Simon used her and his kids in his failed FG leadership bid in 2017.

    Who is Ruth Furney?

    It seems she is the niece of billionaire beef processor/glorified knackeryman Larry Goodman.

    1. GiggidyGoo

      Stands to reason, the circles the Coveney’s move in. Sure isn’t the brother a beef baron himself? Coveney will protect the barons before the farmers.

      1. eoin

        During the horsemeat scandal when processors were substituting cheap horsemeat for beef, and when Simon Coveney was Minister for Agriculture, how many prosecutions did Coveney, or agencies under his aegis, initiate? It wasn’t zero, was it? How many individuals have ever been identified or prosecuted for passing off horsemeat as beef?

        Simon Coveney, ladies and gentlemen.

  5. eoin

    The AGM of Dermot Desmond’s Datalex took place yesterday. The shares in the airline software company were suspended in April because of serious accounting irregularities and a failure to publish an annual report. At the time, the suspension was supposed to be for just one month. The shares are still suspended. Yesterday, Sean Corkery, the Datalex CEO/Digicel director said the company hoped to re-list “by Christmas”.

    Datalex is not planning legal action against executives responsible for the mess.

    The corporate watchdog is examining the matters, which could be a precursor to an investigation. Dermot must be getting familiar with the corporate watchdog who is still rummaging around INM, the newspaper publisher which Dermot recently sold.

  6. Gabby

    Some beefy contributions this morning. The politics of beef. Follow the money. Follow the social connections.

  7. Catherine costelloe

    Slaughtered in United Kingdom or Slaughtered in Ireland ? Peculiar timing for Centra to remove beef from their shelves with incorrect labelling. Needless to say there is a Goodman link.

    Farmers sold a pup.

    1. Bodger

      george, we usually get the Mail sent to us but not the last few days so we take the cover from Press Reader which can look a bit funny.

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