Co-leaders of the Social Democrats Róisín Shortall and Catherine Murphy

This afternoon.

Politicians are returning to the Dáil after the summer break with Leaders’ Questions set to begin at 2pm.

Meanwhile, on the plinth…


Watch Dáil proceedings live from 2pm here

Pic: Gavan Reilly

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6 thoughts on “On The Plinth

    1. eoin

      Ah, they’re gas. Where’s the €8 billion? Well €6 billion is this year’s interest on the national debt which Fianna Fail fupped up when they allowed the economy collapse in 2008-2011.

  1. eoin

    Gwan the Soc Dems, they really do punch above their weight. I can see them gracing the Four Courts in the coming session to force this government to act or refrain from acting.

  2. baz

    co leaders! there are only 2 of them and they cant agree on a leader.
    they certainly have some suckers fooled.

    1. GiggidyGoo

      But slightly.more representative of the number of persons votes within FG which were against Varadkar becoming leader of that set up.

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