Independent TD Noel Grealish

This morning in today’s Irish Times.

Solicitor and partner at Abbey Law Wendy Lyon has dissected Independent TD Noel Grealish’s claims about asylum seekers before writing:

If there is to be a debate on how Ireland responds to its international obligations towards people seeking protection, our politicians and media have a duty to ensure it takes place in a context where claims like these will be fact-checked and falsehoods exposed.

It is not enough to merely report what Noel Grealish says or ask him to “clarify” his comments – it must be shown that he is wrong.

In fairness.

Noel Grealish’s views of asylum seekers are based on myth (Wendy Lyon, The Irish Times)


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10 thoughts on “Busted

  1. eoin

    Take a run and jump Wendy.

    These are the latest figures from the Dept of Justice’s International Protection Office

    These are the top five countries seeking asylum in the first seven months of 2019

    Albania 573
    Georgia 369
    Zimbabwe 234
    South Africa 188
    Nigeria 173
    Other 1,143
    Total 2,680

    We are being robbed blind by the people traffickers, Google the Irish lad in Wales convicted yesterday of smuggling Albanians from Swansea to Cork.

    1. eoin

      And quelle fuppin’ surprire

      “Abbey Law specialises in Irish immigration and protection law as well as all types of judicial review and administrative law, compensation and redress claims.”

      So, if we clamp down on the bogus claims and people smugglers, Wendy will be out of business?

      1. Ciuncainteach

        You’ve provided raw data (of applications – not grants of asylum) without any attempt at analysis or context. Why not provide a point-by-point rebuttal of Wendy’s article instead of using it to force home an issue (human trafficking) that was not raised?

        It’s very easy to impugn the motivations of people you disagree with. Abbey Law might be ‘out of business’ if we had a functional asylum process. I sincerely doubt Wendy would be aggrieved with that outcome.

  2. class wario

    Noble and all that it is, people like Grealish will very rarely simply have some sort of ‘illogical’ racism in their head that can be unpicked by debating or correcting them on the point.

  3. Mó Thóin

    Have the balls to quote the man in full before you tell us what he think he said and then lecture us on why you think he is wrong all based on hearsay and misrepresentation of the facts.

    You’ve only busted yourselves.

    Yellow journalism at its worst.

    1. george

      The man thinks Africans are spongers and that we should discriminate based on religion in violation of our own laws. I don’t think Jesus would only want us to help the Christians. That is kind of the point of the Good Samaritan parable. The man busted himself.

  4. Jake38

    I saw no mention in Counsellor Lyons article of the fact that the 2 top countries of origin for “asylum” seekers coming to Ireland are Albania (currently an EU candidate country) and Gerogia (currently #70/189 in the Human Development Index), or of the endless legal gravy train of appeal after appeal paid for by the Irish taxpayer. Surprising that.

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