For Your Consideration: Corporate Monster


A sci-fi horror short by Ruari Robinson about Dr Zoidberg-looking monsters living among us, inspired by the current state of the modern world. To wit:

After being phased out of his job, a dangerously unstable man’s life spirals out of control when the prescription pills he takes start to have a side effect: they allow him to see the parasitic beings that have long been puppeteering our world from the shadows.

See? You were right all along.


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5 thoughts on “For Your Consideration: Corporate Monster

        1. Pat

          Sorry Mrsupa I was being a smart arse. If you follow the link in the post It says the short is an “obvious ode to Carpenter’s cult classic ‘They Live’.

          Seems like it’s only eejits like me that follow the links

          1. postmanpat

            whoops! they openly admitted it!!! Petty Carpenter will definitely sue so. When Lockout was seen as Escape from New York IN SPACE!!!. He sued the pants off Luc Bessons production company and won.

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