How Pencils Are Made


Get your solid pigment core on with this slickly produced feature by German stationery giant Faber-Castell and a more down-to-earth film by the Derwent Cumberland Pencil Company (whose factory is still located near to where the first graphite pencil was invented in the 16th century).


6 thoughts on “How Pencils Are Made

  1. Spud

    My best mate recently announced he was going to marry a pencil.

    He couldn’t wait for us all to meet his bride 2B!

  2. Jeffrey

    You had this in your recommended YT videos Chompsky, ight?

    Oh wait no, I see you reposted it from Kottke.

    Silly me – I forgot that you – Chompsky- have provided a link to the source of every post you’ve done since 2010 right there at the bottom of the post.

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