Rock, Paper, Scissors


This morning.

It’s being reported in The Irish Times that the principal of Blackrock College Dublin Alan McGinty has written to the parents of school’s students, telling them that tomorrow’s school climate change strike is “a tad infuriating” .

He also urged parents to ensure their sons don’t take part in the event.

Further to this…

Geography lecturer at University of Limerick and Green Party local election candidate Breandán Anraoi MacGabhann tweetz:

If any Blackrock college parents still want to let their kids strike, here’s [above] a permission slip.

Dublin school warns pupils off ‘infuriating’ climate strikes (The Irish Times, Colin Gleeson)

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26 thoughts on “Rock, Paper, Scissors

  1. The Old Boy

    Did he scrawl that deliberately to look like a fake note written by a pupil, or does he really have the handwriting of a ten year old?

    1. edalicious

      I was going to say something similar but, considering how much my handwriting has deteriorated since everything I write is on a phone or computer, I decided not to.

  2. Rob_G

    I can see why it would be frustrating for teachers, who have a curriculum to get through, etc.

    And while I am sure that there are some pure-hearted youngsters who are taking part because they truly believe in the cause, I attended a few ‘pupils’ strikes’ in my youth solely to get off school…

    (we were protesting the fact we were missing classes through the teachers going on strike by… going on strike ourselves and missing more classes)

    1. martco

      ’tis true enough

      funny though how the hierarchy at ‘Rock don’t ever have seem to have skipping classtime issues when it comes to the old SC rugby day’s, do they?

      can’t have our future captains of industry getting the idea that civil protest is something they could participate in, wha?

        1. millie vanilly strikes again

          And oddly, that’s not the most childish thing here. It’s your utterly ridiculous comment.

          And that’s really saying something, considering how much poop I post here.

    1. pedeyw

      The Nazis also had an “A” and a “Z” in their name, Baz, but I’m sure that’s just a convenient “coincidence”

  3. Ian-O

    Fully agree with the principal even if their education will amount to nothing when the planet is undergoing extreme changes to the weather in the next few years.

    So long as they know their modh coinníollach and the 11 irregular verbs all this tosh about climate, weather and biodiversity can take a jump, what?

    1. Rob_G

      You’re not wrong – but I wonder if as many pupils would be so keen on attending if the event was held on Saturday , instead of a school day?

      (certainly all of the marches for the climate seemed to stop as soon as the kids were off school for their holidays)

      1. pedeyw

        I attended a few of the pupil strikes back when the teachers were on strike, I both agreed with the cause and enjoyed the mitch. I’d imagine there’d be a fair few though. Today’s youth are way more politically involved than the Millennials and Gen Xers.

        1. Rob_G

          I think you could be right.

          Though I was talking to a friend whose little cousin was taking part in the climate marches here:

          Friend: “What are you up for summer?”

          Cousin: “Working, man – I’m saving up to buy a car”. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

  4. Termagant

    The quasi-masturbatory smugness of that note is why, regardless of how valid or worthwhile their mission undoubtedly is, very few people genuinely like the greens

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