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The AtrixTeasure On The Wasteland

Like a phoenix from the embers of Dublin’s fabled post-punk new wave scene, The Atrix have risen.

Tonight a reconfigured line-up featuring two members of the original band (Hugh Friel now sings in place of the late John Borrowman) as well as Horslips‘ Jim Lockhart on keyboards plays The Sugar Club, Dublin 2, where they will launch a new retrospective album of their finest songs.

With perfect timing, a new video for the band’s seminal 1980 (Midge Ure-produced) hit Treasure On The Wasteland (above) has just been uploaded to YouTube directed by Alex Bradley of Guns And Butter.

It’s a visually stunning piece of work that does justice to the pioneering spirit of the group when they were in their pomp.

If you want to read a definitive in-depth feature on the history and legacy of The Atrix then check out John Fleming’s piece in the Irish Times here.

Nick says: Hidden Treasure gleams the brightest.

The Atrix at the Sugar Ciub (Sugar Club)

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20 thoughts on “You May Like This/Free Tonight?

  1. The Old Boy

    I met Dick Conroy (bass) a few years ago, running an old-to-new media transfer business on Gardner Street. It was somehow difficult to imagine a charming, softly-spoken man in a beige suit and hush puppies as post-punk.

    1. Paulus

      Ah, I met him once; he did a transfer/duplication job for me.
      I didn’t realise he had such an illustrious history.

  2. Chimpy

    No ticket competition like last week? Ah sure what difference would it make because ye dont announce a winner in any case.

          1. Chimpy

            I agree with Brother Barnabas. I deserve it. Utterly ashamed here. I’ll slink off back to my crying chair for the evening.

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