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Listen up, people.

The annual festival showcasing the best new talent in the country that was once called Hard Working Class Heroes and is now called Irish Music Week is almost upon us.

Among the dozens of local acts performing in multiple venues across the capital will be a number of artists that we have covered here on Broadsheet including Basciville, Sun Mashene and Laura Elizabeth Hughes. And that’s not to mention all the music industry conferences full of movers and also shakers.

If you would like to win Two FREE passes giving access to both the concerts and the conferences simply tell me below who is your favourite new Irish artist and why.

The winner will be chosen by my robot butler Cyril.

Lines close at 2.45pm Extended until 5.05pm 11.45pm.

Nick says: Living la vida local.

Irish Music Week Showcases
Irish Music Week conferences

Thanks to Liza Geddes at Recode Publicity.

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2 thoughts on “Win Nick’s Free Tix

  1. B9 Again FTW

    My favorite new artist is Junior Brother
    I first heard him on Locals Only performing “Hungover at Mass”. I thought there goes Christy Moore for millennials.
    However after dismissing him as a one trick pony, I heard him again on some other show when he was releasing an EP. I was surprised to note a bit more depth and musical creativity in the work. We hear so much today about how hard it is to go and do anything and yet here is a young fla actually going and doing it with both great humor and style.

  2. Slightly Bemused

    I am not hugely familiar with the new music coming out in Ireland, but there is such a wealth of talent in this country it is unbelievable. My favourite new act (and I must proudly admit to a familial connection) is Sinead O’Riordan, who just put out her first EP, and single from it (link below).

    Sinead went to the world championships of the performing arts a few years back, and came home with 13 medals: 6 bronze, 6 silver, and a gold as world champion (with her friend) for hip hop. She is a truly gifted musician, just a little shy.

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