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    1. Cú Chulainn

      Nothing.. nothing I tell you.. why those psycho seagulls, they will swoop to the lowest of the lowest swooping places… we have been warned..

      1. eoin

        These are the latest figures from the Dept of Justice’s International Protection Office


        These are the top five countries seeking asylum in the first seven months of 2019

        Albania 573
        Georgia 369
        Zimbabwe 234
        South Africa 188
        Nigeria 173
        Other 1,143
        Total 2,680

        We are being robbed blind by the people traffickers. There is no war in Albania or Georgia. I’m opposed to spending, I’d estimate, €100,000 each in direct provision and legal and Garda escort costs in dealing with each of these asylum seekers. Does that make me a far right racist?

        1. garrett

          Economic migrants one and all.
          The numbers have increased greatly since the economy improved.
          Personally, I have no issue with people seeking abetter life but those from a certain North African Country, you know the one………rude, ignorant, money grabbing, e mail scamming…………..keep them out.

          1. Gabby

            There are statistics about asylum seekers. There are companies making money from the direct provision industry. There are local communities worried about security and other impacts arising from the filling up of empty hotels with new batches of asylum seekers. There are small numbers of ideology-driven individuals paying visits to trouble spots. There are journalists who don’t live where the empty hotels are situated. There are agendas and agendas.

          2. some old queen

            @ Gabby +1

            List of companies paid €10 million EACH by the state to run direct provision centers in Ireland last year alone:

            -East Coast Catering
            -Millstreet Equestrian Services
            –Onsite Facilities Management

            Mosney runs ONE direct provision center for 600 asylum seekers in Meath & has received €127M from the State from 2002-2017 for doing so.

            Aramark also owns Avoca? WTF?


  1. some old queen

    Anti-immigrant groups ‘trying to whip up race hate’

    Charlie Flanagan like Leo is being somewhat disingenuous I think- we all know that the far right are agitating but in the case of Oughterard, they served a useful purpose. The planned centre was and is wholly unsuitable for that location and the local community took control of their message- they have proved that they are not going to be bullied or manipulated by any side.

    That one or more far right individuals did not declare their political affiliations is reprehensible but so is paid EU NGO players who previously moved into other similar situations and subsequently presented themselves to state media as community representatives? They are both at it.

    Am I right in my assumption that a building being repurposed from a hotel to direct provision accommodation is now exempt from planning permission? If so, that the DOJ has the power to proceed with such decisions without even considering those who will be directly affected is just plain wrong- especially somewhere that is so reliant on tourism.

    That hotel in Oughterard must have had the official go ahead because the renovations could not have started without an exemption certificate- so far right agitation or not- such situations are going to happen again and again until the DOJ start engaging with the local communities in a proper consultation process.

  2. eoin

    Thomas Cook has collapsed, no surprise there. The Tories ignored pleas to bail out the company which employs 21,000 and whose collapse has left 600,000 stranded. That’s the market.

    Let’s now turn to Wrightbus, the bus manufacturer based in Ballymena north county Antrim. It employs 1,400, 86% of whom are Protestant (which is highly relevant) and it’s closely affiliated with Arlene Foster’s DUP party.

    Wrightbus is said to have enough cash to last out the week. I don’t know if that’s the case but it is required to file its 2018 accounts by 30 September. Its 2017 accounts were healthy enough though they did reveal a £4.2m donation to a church run by the son of the 92-year old boss of the bus company. Wrightbus has been in difficulty for some time, several potential investors or buyers have walked away without comment. Is the company a financial basket case or is the founder too difficult to work with?

    It’s a company to watch. It manufactured the “Boris” bus, a bus for London. Boris has been asked to help out but state aid rules will prevent that. And if the Tories have let Thomas Cook go to the wall, why would they help Wrightbus.

      1. eoin

        Have you seen the website for the church, it is sliiiiique. The Voice-standard singers, dry ice, a relevant and entertaining sermon. Someone should show their local parish priest and tell them to get off their behind and up their game.


        There are all sorts of accusations of financial and sexual impropriety flying around about the church but there is no reliable reporting of any such claim, and on the other hand there is plenty of praise for the church which has a huge following, especially amongst the young.

    1. some old queen

      Why is it highly relevant eion? It is an area which is predominantly Protestant and I expect it was getting it’s house in order because Dublin Bus are one of Wrights customers.

      There are plenty of old Protestant companies up north who are in the same situation so should we just let them all go to the wall because of past sins?

    1. Cathal

      While the racist comment was uncalled for but reprimand was in order. Filming in a downpour all day and no food ready when they returned,

  3. eoin

    Belated mickey taking for John Mooney’s effort in yesterday’s Sunday Times. “Gardai believe they have identified a member of the gang who abducted and tortured Kevin Lunney…Detectives have obtained CCTV footage which shows the gang member purchasing a bottle of bleach on Tuesday evening”

    Right, John, did your “Irish” “security” “sources” tell you this? Mmmm, yes, sure.

    Have the Gardai arrested anyone? No.

    And if you’re a ruthless organised crime group and the press claims they’ve identified one of your gang, and that person could finger the rest of the gang, what would you do? What would you do? Just me personally, I’d be tempted to remove the threat of being fingered.

    1. Cathal

      Guy buying bleach will probably turn out to be misdirection, huge resources being spent on an assault while murders don’t get anywhere near the resources. Is Lunney a party member of FG?

  4. eoin

    Further to the Behaviour And Attitudes (the Irish polling company) and its opinion poll on the politicians which was published in yesterday’s Sunday Times, and which shows the Shinners on 20% compared to Red C which had them on 12% a week earlier, and the 9% in the local elections in May and the 7% in the presidential election last year, you might be interested in B&A’s surveys on RTE (and TG4), which appear at the tailend of a report on public service broadcasting published by the BAI. In short, RTE is doing a great job, though it could stand to be a tad more innovative for its younger audiences.


  5. some old queen

    Yes they did- about the Nazi Boy on Barrow Street being a plant- yeah, that turned out to be a dead end eh?

    That’s a fair piece by The Irish Times but I somewhat get the impression that they are being forced to cover this topic now while also- ignoring things which are giving the far right ammunition. An example being that the pilot hot meals program being rolled out to 36 primary schools where ALL the meat is halal.

    Were the parents asked about their children being fed religious Muslim meat beforehand? Apart from the fact that some people find the slaughter method repugnant- there are christian faiths which are not allowed to eat either halal or Kosher meat- and yet, zero consultation.

    1. Bodger

      some old queen, you know the way some on the hard left will expose people for saying the wrong thing on twitter (even contacting employers). Why have they shown no interest at all in unmasking Naziboy?

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