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    1. Formerly known as @ireland.com

      Let’s see Prince Andrew on the front pages. He is the one making the news this week. You get some Brexiteers, even more stupid than the average ones, saying Ireland should join them in leaving the EU.

    1. eoin

      What’s the cost to RTE of flying four ad buyers all-expenses paid to Japan? Along with two RTE employees to escort them and keep them company? I don’t think you’d get much change from €30,000. And will this bribe encourage the ad buyers to buy space on RTE or will they cool-headedly look at the ratings and look at the traffic on social media and put their money where the eyeballs have migrated to?

      The Sunday Times separately reports that RTE is eyeing up the sale of its transmission network company. This follows kites about selling the RTE guide, selling Lyric FM, selling Cork studios, all of which have provoked alarm, which is the whole bloody point. RTE broke even in 2013 and 2014 on less revenue than it generated in 2018. Fire Dee Forbes, who has run up €40m of losses since being appointed, and appoint someone who can manage the business.

      1. GiggidyGoo

        Gas the way they headline ‘End the Silence’ in the Quinn Group matter, but don’t call for it to be ended when it comes to the likes of, say, Courtown or Drogheda, or Balbriggan, or Macroom.

        1. some old queen

          Attempting to link an executive being abducted and tortured by a paramilitary style gang to race relations is quite a leap- even for you.

          1. GiggidyGoo

            Not linking them at all. Just pointing out the picking-and-choosing and attempts at directing of opinions by our MSM.

    2. eoin

      The Sindo reports RTE’s justification for flying at least four ad buyers out to Japan for five days to watch the Rugby World Cup “this trip is cost-neutral, with accommodation and transport secured on a contra basis”

      Have you any idea what RTE is talking about?

      The Sindo doesn’t and it looks to me like the type of “fupp off” response you give when you’re fuming that you’ve been found out.

      Knowing RTE, if this trip is costing say €40,000 for the four ad buyers, and the ad buyers were buying €40,000 of ads on RTE, then that might be “cost neutral” but of course, if the ad buyers were already going to buy the €40,000 of ads, then it was just a waste of money at loss-making RTE.

      As for “contra basis”, what the fupp does that even mean. “Contra” with what? “Contra” with the €40,000 of ads which the buyers might buy, but were going to buy anyway?

      Loss-making RTE, ladies and gentlemen.

      1. Cian

        It is quite lovely to see how carefully you create your strawmen before you so eloquently destroy them. Your total lack of facts is a wonder to behold.

          1. GiggidyGoo

            Well, as facts go, you haven’t disproved any of Eoin’s posts above. To disprove them, you have to produce facts yourself. So, have you any to share?

          2. Rob_G

            eoin hasn’t presented any facts, just some hypotheticals based on his fanciful imaginings of a situation. There is literally nothing to disprove.

      2. V

        Contra Accounting

        It used to be very common between say
        A Supplier who might also be a Customer
        Eg: someone who would both owe you money for services received and to whom you would owe money to for purchasing say supplies from

        It’s a tricky journal to build and post
        And those skills – old fashioned T- accounting, just aren’t as common and widespread in finance depts anymore
        It’s also a red line item in Audits
        Especially if the parties are related in some way

        External Auditors would, well should anyway, ask if any Contra Accounts exist in the trail balance, and also ask it any Contra transactions were posted in the year.

        1. V

          If ye don’t mind being bored for another minute or so
          Let me put this out there

          I’ve had a think about this
          Unintended – this stuff just goes around my head and I was on the drive back


          Of course I’m open to be better informed

          I can’t think of a Contra relationship between media buyers and RTÉ
          Like using this example

          ESB advertise on RTÉ – a Customer / therefore a Debtor on the balance sheet
          ( Credit p & l Sales : Debit B/S Debtors)
          but would also be a significant Supplier and overhead cost on day to day operations
          (Debit p & l expenses/ utilities : Credit B/S Creditors)

          So in the old days – like when I started out
          A Contra Arrangement might be set up with both a Debit Contra a/c and a Credit Contra a/c between each others supplier account and customer account (purchase ledger v sales ledger)

          Then RTÉ would reduce or Credit Note their own Invoice to ESB for ads by same

          Now it’s a bit more detailed than that in action
          Like an eight line at a minimum *journal
          But it’s a Sunday and lads have been up since early morning with the Rugbee and back to back Premier carry-on
          With the rotten weather giving ye all the excuses ye need to not budge from the remote and get a second bag-ah-cans under way
          I’d say most of ye are still in ye”re jimjams

          *(T account in old money talk)

  1. eoin

    Hahaha, SBP gives platform to Trinity “provost” who whinges about the lack of government funding (“only” €50 million a year plus 10s of millions of grants direct to TCD students plus 10s of millions to “research projects” where the payback to the State is occluded). The provost says that the lack of funding will mean it has to downsize. Oh no, does the government not realise how vital the national center for hazing excellence is for Irish society. Does the government want Trinity to continue to take money from the dodgy Huawei. And Heaven forfend, does the government want Trinity to cut the salaries (average around €90k, aren’t they?) to its mediocrities responsible for the college falling from #110 to #164 in the world university rankings. Queens in the North is at 200+.

    1. eoin

      Oh, and is the “provost” still given an apartment, worth around €2.5m, as part of his remuneration package? It was valued at €1.3m in the recession, it must be worth €2m+ now. And yet, here he is, pleading poverty? While parents of primary and secondary school children are unable to afford back to school costs?

      1. GiggidyGoo

        So, Varadkar only got enough points for Law, and a few months into the course he was mysteriously ‘awarded’ extra points so that he could study medicine, like his daddy and sister. Maybe you should direct your question in another direction.

        1. Rob_G

          Only got enough points for law in trinity… how many would that have been at the time, 560? Sounds like a right thicko, alright – Christ alive…

          1. GiggidyGoo

            But, Rob, that wasn’t the point I was making. The point was that, months into his Law course he somehow got awarded extra points that allowed him to follow daddy’s and sisters footsteps. Never explained how those ‘extra’ points, months into a course, were deemed due to him.

          2. Rob_G

            I imagine he appealed, as many LC students do.

            Do you really think that the dean or whatever of Trinity let Leo study medicine in 2002 on the basis that he might one day be Taoiseach, and would then owe the college a favour?

            Or what was it you were trying to imply with –
            “Maybe you should direct your question in another direction.”

          3. GiggidyGoo

            Well, clap clap. Except LC Students get it sorted before they start college normally. He joined Young FG while in secondary school. Nothing like a bit of pull eh? So, to throw out a comment about Trinity relating to points, deserves another comment relating to trinity points. Or is that too difficult for you to grasp?

          4. Rob_G

            Perhaps someone dropped out of the medicine course in the first few weeks, and their place was offered ot the next highest applicant.

            You could actually write to the Dept of the Taoiseach and they would probably tell you; though perhaps it is more fun to indulge in your wacky conspiracy theories on Broadsheet.

    2. some old queen

      As before- University ratings are bullpoo if not split by discipline- for example- most of the large IT corps in Ireland will take a degree in computer science from UU or UCD without question but Queens and Trinity- not so much.

  2. eoin

    If you’re a heathen and not going to church this Sunday, why not check out these boyos, the church funded by Wrightbus which appears to be on the brink of going bust, even though, according to its most recent accounts for 2017, it was able to afford a donation of €4,157,000 to this church in Ballymena Northern Ireland.


    You can see where the money has been spent!

    While Wrightbus is on the brink, having failed to find a buyer, this church has been flourishing, but there are so many rumours of impropriety whirling around on Twitter, you’d be tempted to think it’s Jim Jones and Guyana all over again, minus the cool-aid.

    1. Formerly known as @ireland.com

      Wow – it looks like all the money was spent on the website. A diploma in Worship – just what everyone needs.

    2. scundered

      Smart business move if its really going to fall, the old man Wright moving money into his son’s church.

      1. some old queen

        Either that or they were sailing along and the rug was pulled from under them- in which case would the Boris association be of relevance? Who was the previous investor btw?

        1. scundered

          I have no idea if they had an investor, but they certainly made a ton of money from Dublin Bus and London Bus over the years, not necessarily investors just standard contracts?

  3. eoin

    New opinion poll in the Sunday Times
    Sunday Times/B&A (Fieldwork, Sept 5-17, Margin of Error 3.3%)
    Fianna Fáil 29 (-1 since July 2019)
    Fine Gael 26
    Sinn Féin 20 (+6)
    Independents 9 (+1)
    Green Party 5 (-2)
    Ind Alliance 4
    Labour Party 3 (-2)
    Solidarity-PBP 1 (-1)
    Renua 1 (+1)
    SocDems 1
    Aontú 0

    Compare and contrast with the Red C opinion poll in the SBP last Sunday

    FG-EPP: 29% (+1)
    FF-RE: 28% (+4)
    SF-LEFT: 12% (-1)
    GREEN-G/EFA: 7%
    LAB-S&D: 6% (+1)
    IA-*: 3% (+1)
    S-PBP-LEFT: 1% (-1)
    SD-S&D: 1% (-1)
    +/- 3% vs. 16 May ’19
    Fieldwork: 5-12 Sept. ’19
    Sample size: 1,000

    Could SF really have gone up from 12% in the Red C poll (conducted 5-12 Sept) to 20% (conducted 5-17 Sept) or was the real level 20% and Red C was off? Who knows, maybe, but to me, it just underlines how opinion polls should carry a WWF/UFC type notice that they’re just for entertainment and not to be taken seriously.

    1. Gabby

      The far Left (they love it with a capital letter) and the chocolate eclair Right Renua are still magnificently hovering around 1% each. The big continuing story is that the centrist FG-FF have it between them and after an election one of their leaders will have to do some complicated horse trading with Independents, Greens & Labour (the latter two also like capital letters).

  4. eoin

    FG (backed by FF) is attacking the Data Commissioner who ruled against the government on the PSC card. Surely, it’s not coincidence that the Data Commissioner is being hauled in before the public accounts committee on Thursday this week to justify her budget, and face questions about her Office’s operation. It’s FG (back by FF) shooting across her bow at the very least,if not trying to outright destroy her on the national stage, all because she has revealed how this government has carried out illegal mass surveillance of citizens.

  5. eoin

    Fair play to the SBP to pad out this week’s edition with Moody’s report on Digicel, dated 13 September 2019, more than a week ago.

    Moody’s reported.

    “Digicel Group Limited’s (Digicel) Caa2 corporate family rating (CFR) reflects the untenable capital structure of the group, with a leverage (gross debt/EBITDA, including Moody’s adjustments) around 7x currently, and the increased risk of Digicel making another distressed exchange or debt restructuring within the next 12-18 months, considering the still weak operating results and liquidity of the group. Digicel is present in emerging markets with a history of instability and exposure to adverse weather events. It is also exposed to the risk of currency depreciation against the US dollar, especially in its three largest geographies: Jamaica, Haiti and Papua New Guinea. At the same time, Digicel benefits from its product and geographic diversification, strong margins and the number one position in wireless telecommunications in most of its markets.”

    At this stage, I’d estimate Digicel is carrying US $8bn of debt and will be lucky to achieve US $1bn EBIDTA in the four quarters to Q1,2020. It’s likely to be loss-making at a net level. I’d be surprised if it has the cash to get to the end of 2019 unless it sells more assets or gets a new injection of debt.

    At this stage, the only thing that can save Denis is, if some banana republic awards him a contract, in sleazy circumstances, where the contract value has mushroomed from €500m to €5 billion in the space of 12 months. But what are the chances of that happening.

  6. eoin

    Does anyone know which banana republic hasn’t published reliable crime statistics since 2014? And whose chief told a political committee last Wednesday it would be another two years (2021) until they were able to produce reliable statistics? Haiti? Papua New Guinea? Jamaica? No, it’s Ireland, governed by FG since 2011.

  7. eoin

    Well fupp them anyway Dan, fupp them all, fupp them all to hell. The Sunday Times reports that FF and FG have agreed to crown the Green party’s Pippa Hackett (who?) to the Seanad after Grace O’Sullivan was elected to the European Parliament. The Sunday Times reports

    “Fianna Fail and Fine Gael both hope to be in a position to negotiate the formation of a government with the Green Party following the next general election. “We recognise it’s a Green Party vacancy and it should be filled by a Green Party candidate,” said a Fianna Fail source. “It’s more than likely we won’t be running a candidate. ”

    Whatever about Dan’s feelings on the matter [and whether his election to Cork’s local authority last May after eight years in the political wilderness after losing his senator role], it’s just a travesty of democracy and not at all how the Seanad was supposed to work.

      1. GiggidyGoo

        Is there a stipulation in the senate as to the levels of participation in it by party/number of independents. As in, are there a certain number of FG, FF, Green, PBP seats that have to be ‘given’. If not, then there is no such thing as a guaranteed ‘Green seat’ ( apart from those suitors FFG guaranteeing one)

        1. eoin

          I think V is getting confused. The rules that govern local authorities and the European Parliament are different to the rules which apply to the Dail and Seanad.The Sunday Times story is [and assuming their “source” is on the money] sound.

          1. V

            Hang on a second

            Was the vacancy a seat that was a “nominated” candidate
            Or an elected as per Senate election conditions?

            While I know it’s important to you Eoin
            I actually don’t care whether I’m right or wrong here
            What I do know is the Greens won’t be having the GE they are trying to let on
            And FF and FG know that since they actually can rely on their own actual constituency by constituency internal polling

            Watch how the Greens do in the four by-elections
            And don’t be surprised if Grace returns back to National Politics and runs in the general next year

            I wonder who her substitute will be
            taps chin

            Anyway go back to what I posted earlier
            The only crowd the Greens have worried is Labour

          2. bisted

            …Grace O’Sullivan was elected to the Seanad on the Agricultural Panel…Dan Boyle got his ‘grace&favour’ seat as Taoiseach nominee…a sinecure after he was voted out by the ungrateful voters of Cork…despite the green surge…it would take some wave to lift Dan…

          3. V

            Thought so
            Ta Bisto

            And just in case some lads follow form and point the finger at other prominent/ main party Senators with a uterus

            The Catherines, Noone and Ardagh
            And Alice Mary (Higgins) were all duly elected by panel votes

            Unlike say
            James Reilly
            Or Paudie Coffey or deselected GE candidate Ray Butler or the buck replacing him on the blueshirt ticket Frank Feighan

            Jesus I’d love a call up meself to one of those 11 freebies, so I’ll hould up on the bedrudgery
            Ya never know •-)

  8. Lilly

    Anyone know why Quinn execs being attacked? Have any demands been made, such as Sean Quinn’s reinstatement? Difficult to know what they’re trying to achieve unless they want the company disbanded.

    1. Kdoc

      When it comes to solving crime it’s usually a case of ‘follow the money’ Who hopes to benefit from the removal of those who are running the company?

    2. Dav

      Quinn paid protection money & it has stopped being paid, or laundered money on Quinn books was lost when he went bust

    3. Cathal

      This Lunney guy seems to have taken more beatings than Frank Bruno, maybe we are overthinking the reasons. Something personal behind this?

    4. The Rt. Hon. Tub of Lard MP

      Two words. “Quinn” and “Seán”. It’s what the border county good old boys do.

    5. some old queen

      +1 Lilly- there is definitely a goal behind this. I doubt if it is something as obvious as ‘security’ money- more favourable rates perhaps?

    1. V


      Well GeeGee
      I hope for your sake, the other person tweeting it, and the person that took the video that yere right

      Because supporting your team, particularly abroad, wearing your colours, and demonstrating your patriotic duty as a Paddy – pulling your weight in the singsong is a stunning demonstration of Irish Patriotism

      Loud and Proud bhoy

      Hon’ Catherine
      Hon’ Ireland

      1. italia'90

        Ignorance of Japanese culture is no excuse, especially given the amount of diplomatic advice given by all governments for supporters prior to the RWC2019 and the hypocritical utterings by those in the video from our distinguished @dailandseanadxv

        The Irish taxpayer is paying for this embarrassment and insult to the good people of Yokohama.

        1. V

          So the Irish Taxpayer is paying for Senator Noone’s trip to Japan?
          Great ’cause we’ll borrow the jackets for next year’s WACCU that got poor Eoin so irate and worried this year

          Why is that person who trapped the scene and parsed it at precise moment of a typical train/ tram standing sway a xxxt

          Well it was shared with, and distributed by the you know whos of the ProLife Bigots brigade with vile repulsive and sad lonely miserable female dog accompanying commentry

          And d’ye know what
          If I know her fella at all
          I’d say that singsong started when they were waiting for the taxi to the airport

          Something else – particularly for the ProLife anti singsong having the craic misery moanie Minnie durt slingers; there’s a video of me doing I’ll Tell Me Mah doing the rounds
          Probably waiting on a Credit Union scandal

          Dig it up
          And come an get me

          Hon’ Catherine
          Hon’ Ireland
          If we win nothing on the field
          Make sure we win the singsong

          Not that’s Patriotism
          Loud and Proud

          I’d like to see Ronan Mullen follow her into a ladies loo out there -.
          He’ll end up getting a chemical castration

        2. V

          Anyone saying that
          That singsong
          In uniform
          During a World Games
          Is an insult to Japanese Culture
          Doesn’t know their Japanese Culture from Their own fake news and pearls gasping

          The Japanese would be honoured by this
          From the winning of the games and the people arriving, in dedicated uniforms, to attend, in particular

          And that one of the visitors out and about amongst them is reasonably High ranking Politican of repute
          And as a red head Senator Noone will be photographed from Sapporo to Hiroshima

          When I was there they loved the Irish Socialising and Craic
          Rappongie is full of Japanese watching westerners party so they can copy them
          You could be out on the dancefloor picking your nose
          And they would mimic you

          I was in Nara ( the place with the deer ) and I’d say I was photographed a 100 times – even by S Koreans
          When I was in Mukojima the amateur photographers ( and in Japan there are millions of them) would ask me if they could stand beside me,
          Because, and this might seem gas, but the Geishas would only stop to be photographed with a foreigner – and I was a red head at the time

          This was February 2002 – just before that WC and Saipan’ eggeddon
          So before selfies etc, 3g was just launched there. But we didn’t even have available roaming then. I’m not even sure we had camera phones.

          But I definitely have pics somewhere in the attic of the Yokohama Stadium where I got personal tour the day they hoisted the Irish Flag outside

          Ah loads of other mad stuff
          Like being the only woman allowed into a training dojo – yep. Because I was a white red head foreigner. Ye wouldn’t believe who’s Dojo it turned out to be

          Ara’ all a time long ago when Japan was already into their 10th year of recession

          Criticising an Irish Singsong
          Or even being ashamed of it
          Especially when they’re all togged out
          Puts our identity at far more risk than any immigration policy

          Loud and Proud
          Hon’ Catherine
          Hon’ Ireland

          I would have been delighted
          And as proud as a club final winner to have been with ye
          Why the _ú__ isn’t anyone else?

    2. Lilly

      According to that guy’s tweet: ‘Going to Japan and insulting their culture like this is wrong too’.

      Why would a singsong on a tram be viewed as insulting Japanese culture? Is he talking through his hat?

      1. italia'90

        In Japan this is called Mei-Waku.

        The act of publicly bothering others.

        Serioulsy frowned upon and is often associated with a poor upbringing.

        These senators and TD’s from the dailandseanadXV should really be better informed.

        1. V

          You obviously never heard or seen the Japanese Cup game in action then
          You know- the origin of the Cup Song ?

          Yes there is a time and place for all sorts of behaviour
          Including a daycent Singsong
          Don’t for a second let the ProLife tight A55 Frigit Bridgets tell you this late night train was not one of them

          You said earlier The Good People of Yokohama
          I can tell you’ve never been there, out and about at night etc

          And I can also tell you that a late night train in Tokyo / Yokohama ( think Dublin Bray in feckie little Ireland scale)
          Has plenty of drunken Japanese too
          And no better lads for letting their heads fall onto your shoulders and pretend to be dozing – with their eyes wide open and looking down

          You’re being fed an agenda here ‘Talia
          By the Ronan Mullens & Co
          Fair enough if that’s your crew and pov you’re endorsing

          But don’t tell me that Singsong on the late night train was an insult to the Japanese People
          Because you’re insulting me

          Proud to be there
          Proud to sing an Irish song
          Proud to be seen as one
          Proud to be supporting Ireland
          Not that’s Patriotism

          WTF aren’t ye cheering them on FFS

          Hon’ Ireland
          Hon’ Catherine

          Loud and Proud lads

          1. GiggidyGoo

            Tell me if i’m wrong…… you’ve been to Japan? Looks like it anyway from your four part me-me-me would-be travelogue. Really great that your experience gained there over so many many years is being passed on to us. You’re an expert. We bow to your vast knowledge of Japan gained over such a long period.
            In the meantime, while a guest in Japan, two-bit suckler politicians should at least try to be mannerly. I didn’t see any of the Japanese on the vehicle smiling and clapping.

          2. V

            What evs GeeGee

            you and the rest of the anti-immigration, Ireland for the Irish, and save our beautiful statues of holy Mary gang are putting our Irish Identity at far more risk by sneering, and being deliberately lude about a lovely moment of pure authentic 100% Guaranteed Irish Irish’ness.

            Pick on the fellas there – why don’t ye – huh?

            Or the creep filming people without their knowledge or permission – straight out of the Anti Immigration ProLife Fake Patriots operations book

            I get the feeling there is a very bitter miserable begrudgery and misogynistic motive behind this sinister filming, and sharing.
            Very National Party with a strong dose of Ronan Mullen behind the tweets pushing this

            Nice company you keep GeeGee
            Patriots my _ol_

            Would ye have preferred if all the Paddys stayed at home and went to mass yesterday to pray for the win against Scotland?

          3. italia'90

            Can you stop trying to insinuate that I’m part of this group or that group please.
            The last time you tried this on, you insinuated that I was a Q supporter.
            My politics is left of centre and I have always been pro choice.

            My original question was in reference to the person who took the video.
            You know, the person who owns the camera.
            For all I know, it could have been a Japanese person or one of our brave public represtatives from the dailandseanadXV tag rugby team.
            You called that person a xxxt.
            I would refer to the people using the video for their agenda xxxt’s but that’s where we differ.
            Just like our different experiences of Japan.
            I’ve been there on short business trips where observance of etiquette is crucial in making a good impression on the salarymen.
            You’ve been there on a jolly – no harm, we’ve both had different experinces and perhaps different advice on their complicated customs and conventions.

          4. V

            Yes ‘Talia
            Observation of etiquette is a very work place standard in Japan
            And vital to how business is done
            Work Grades and titles underpin everything they do at work and in business

            ahh Mr ‘Talia San
            ahhh Miss Vanessa San

            But that is not what this is. This is a social celebration. And the Japanese value their social hours way and above most other cultures because they get to little of it by our standards.

            The Japanese are so proud to have people come from all over the world and be there just like this – on holidays and enjoying themselves in their country that are not just there on business or US Military

            They would be equally proud that they won the games and have this opportunity to welcome and witness all these visitors pay tribute to their own teams.

            I am appalled that WHOEVER took the video has allowed it be used by that shower of – ah I’ve run out of trying to find names that are printable

            Now apologies if I painted you with the same brush ‘Tailia
            It won’t happen again

            I just wanted JFK Jr to still be alive s’all

            In the mean time lads
            I can’t wait to hear Senator Noone’s Fields of Athenry

          5. GiggidyGoo

            Yep V. Throw the accusations around. Usual first lesson in ‘journalism ‘. If something doesn’t agree with your message, then divert to the usual labelling. Sure some if will stick won’t it?
            In the meantime your preoccupation with ‘assume’, in this case makes an ass out of you only. Your tirade is – well – pretty childish to say the least.
            Pick on the fellas you say? They are all members of government then? They’re as bad as Noone but she’s the one that’s in government.
            Nice company you latch onto yourself there V.

          6. GiggidyGoo

            Fire away V . Irish-isms, spelt all funny- like really do consolidate the validity of your assumptions and diversions.

  9. italia'90

    Here’s a possible post for tomorrow Bodger, if you’re interested?


    The usual DNC connections Clinton/Obomber with extra murder she wrote shennanigans.

    Let’s see who nominated this serial killer and sexual pervert to the California register of electors for the electoral college?

    I wouldn’t be surprised if Adam Schiff and Kamala Harris get torpedoed by this scandal.

  10. The Rt. Hon. Tub of Lard MP

    MoS: Úna “Desperate for Publicity (and a hit song)” Healy – “Going blonde helped after marriage split” #killmenow.

    Prince Charles would not agree.

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