Meanwhile, In Waterford



In Waterford.

Catherine Drea tweeted:

At 6AM in this corridor, where I spent 5 days, a nurse attempted to insert an IV in my arm. I held my phone as a torch. She failed twice to insert it. Instead I missed my vital IV antibiotics for the second time. Our health system feels like a war zone from here.

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11 thoughts on “Meanwhile, In Waterford

      1. Cian

        The bad parts. The parts that are in the news. The bits that need to be fixed/improved.

        But to be fair there are lots of good stories – they just don’t get aired. I have direct experience, and heard first hand stories from immediate family members who have had great treatment from the HSE (this is all based on the public system). This incudes multiple A&E trips (minimal waiting, seen by competent doctors, treated/admitted in good time). childbirth (great food in Holles St) and public-health care home visits, scheduled blood tests, etc. And while there are some (minor) gripes – the majority of the time the systems ran well.

        And yes, I realise that this is anecdotal, and it doesn’t help Catherine Drea, but we should recognise that lots of the HSE systems work.

        1. millie vanilly strikes again

          I have to give you a plus one Cian, though it’s reluctant.

          I’ve had good and bad experiences with the hse. Most recently was last week, with hse eye and ear. Unbelievably quick response from them and a really positive informative experience with the staff. Compare that with 2+ years wait for a dermatology appointment in temple st. or the cost of asthma medication for a lifetime asthmatic and no medical card or aid to support the cost.

          When the hse works, it can work brilliantly. It’s just incredibly frustrating that the places where it doesn’t work are stacked overwhelmingly against the areas where it does work. And when you see stories like this – because they are unfortunately the norm as opposed to the exception, it only serves to highlight those many glaring cracks inherent in the hse.

          1. Brother Barnabas

            had the same last week, accompanying a friend who was going through miscarriage

            horrendous experience (way more than I’d realised, in truth), but I was amazed by the professionalism, competence, efficiency and genuine compassion from beginning to end

            holles st + public

          2. some old queen

            +1 on the dermatology Millie- waited two hours on an appointment in James once- and some weeks later I had reason to be in the private part and there was the same boyo- except then, everyone was seen like clockwork.

            Consultants should not be allowed to work in public and private at the same time- one of the other- because otherwise, they can use the public to recruit for their private practices.

  1. eoin

    She’s spent five days in a corridor? And is that another bed in the corridor behind her? Better sign that €5 (five) billion National Broadband Contract with Denis O’Brien.


  2. Mary O Brien

    Had an Op September 20th – Waterford Regional – Consultants/Nurses unbelievably brilliant their efficiency and professionalism, competence, second to none – could not fault the theatre staff and cleanliness in any way – BUT what can I say about the ward – three men and three women and the smell of urine was sickening – I slept with the sheet over my nose – one toilet for six people and smell overpowering – Op was scheduled for 8am Sept 20 but had to ring 8 times the day before and that morning to see if there was a bed available – very stressful if you are preparing for a major Op. (Bed Manager very helpful)
    Cleaning company needs to be fired – no wonder there is so much infection – bring back the Matron.

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