From top: Google Maps image of Tallaght wetlands; Apple Maps image of Tallaght wetlands.


Liam writes:

Someone (South Dublin County Council?) has requested Google to blur the aerial image of part of the wetlands affected by the recent controversy.

When was this requested and by whom and why was it granted, was it before or after the event? The second picture is from Apple maps and shows what the image should look like.


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3 thoughts on “All A Blur

  1. Otis Blue

    In the vast chronicle of waste, inefficiency and general uselessness in Irish public life, our local authorities are deserving of particular mention.

    No scrutiny nor accountability.

  2. Chucky R. Law

    It seems that the same unknown person has requested Google to “blur” bodies of water all over the world! It’s a global conspiracy!

  3. some old queen

    Nobody requested Google blur anything.

    If there is a query about inaccurate border lines- they just block it out until the dust settles- or in this case- confirmed illegal dumping by SDCC council.

    Who is taking the case btw?

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