D’oh Say Can You See


The Ireland Simpsons’ Fans party logo

This afternoon.

Further to the recent launch of the Ireland Simpsons’ Fans political party which, as of Sunday, apparently had 1,000 members

Cathal O’Rourke, who’s ordered 10,000 stickers of the image above, writes:

Won’t someone think of the children.


Related: Over 800 people sign up to Irish Simpsons Facebook page political party (Jack Horgan Jones, The Irish Times)

Ireland Simpsons Fans party

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2 thoughts on “D’oh Say Can You See

    1. Gearóid

      Ditto. Ego seems to have took hold.

      It’s a kind of slacktivism. See how many signed up to storm Area 51 vs how many showed up on the date vs how many did another other then wear a kooky outfit and stand around.

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