“The Judgment Must Be Respected”


DUP leader Arlene Foster and deputy leader Nigel Doods

This afternoon.

The Deputy Leader of the DUP has said the Supreme Court ruling must be respected and accepted it is possible the UK may not leave the EU on 31 October.

Nigel Dodds told RTÉ News be believes the court ruling, and what he called “the shenanigans” in the House of Commons had weakened Boris Johnson’s hand in negotiations.

Asked for his party’s response to the unanimous court ruling, he said: “The Supreme Court has spoken, the judgment must be respected.”

Dodds accepts UK may not leave EU on 31 October (RTÉ)

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8 thoughts on ““The Judgment Must Be Respected”

  1. eoin

    At this stage of the game, who gives a fiddlers what the DUP thinks. The UK government was, up to the end of August, 100% dependent on the support of the DUP and their 10 MPs for a wafer-thin majority. Now that 20+ Tory MPs have been kicked out and a few more have defected to the opposition benches, the DUP have lost their leverage. Whether they think Parliament should be recalled tomorrow (it will be, Bojo will be there for it) or not is irrelevant, they’ve been sidelined. The DUP is a bit of a laughing stock, only 27 days to go before abortion and same sex marriage become law in Northern Ireland, Wrightbus about to go bust and no government to bail it out and the RHI/cash-for-ash report expected imminently (Sam McBride’s book is out 15 October). And I have it on good authority there’s a scandal a-brewing with the DUP’s MP for south Belfast.

    1. Otis Blue

      With this and Foster’s emollient address to the Dublin Chamber of Commerce, it looks like they know the game is up and they’re straining to remain relevant. Too little, too late.

      On the basis that everything needs a soundtrack, this seems apt:

      “There’s an alternative Ulster where there’s no security force
      A place without Arlene’s RHI and Gerry’s Twitter discourse…”


          1. shayna

            Just watched it – I thought there’d be background music from SLF – too obvious, I guess – it was great.

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