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  1. Formerly known as @ireland.com

    “People vs Parliament” election? Who elects the Parliament? The toffs running Britain are not very smart. Rather than coming up with good policies and answers to the problems facing the country, they manufacture another crisis to get people angry about. If only Labour had a credible leader.

    1. Cú Chulainn

      You really see the Murdoch poison at work. Nobody except the press controlled by him even mentions it. It’s completely fabricated. If we are going to survive as a democracy.. well I don’t know what we are going to have to do..

    2. some old queen

      I don’t know how Bercow kept going yesterday, he was sitting there for the most of 12 hours and they were still at it when I went to bed. One thing that did emerge was that some MP’s, especially women and minorities, now have serious concerns for their safety- Jo Cox was mentioned.

      And that is a core point- that in the background of the Brexit movement are some very dangerous people. They are already threatening civil disturbance if 31st October deadline is not met- which it won’t be, and Johnson’s dog whistling is bordering on incitement at this stage.

    1. eoin

      That’s from 2016 but isn’t Rory Coveney currently the right hand man to Dee Forbes who has turned an organisation breaking even and delivering all its required services into an organisation that has racked up €40 million of losses and looking at another €10-15m loss this year and has sold off the family jewels and is looking at cutting services.

      Anything touched by Rory turns to poo in my opinion. The service at the state-backed benefacts.ie has gone to the dogs since he came on board, in my opinion.

    1. eoin

      Pity our brave media, John Campbell at the BBC and Margaret Canning at the BelTel particularly for not challenging Wrightbus about its failure to produce accounts for 2018. Its current difficulties shouldn’t delay the publication of accounts which are due at the very latest by next Monday. I’m convinced there is a scandal in there.

      The core Wrightbus business is sound, good product, workforce, systems (could do better on reliability of batteries) and I hope a buyer can do a deal with the administrators without Wright senior messing it up.

      I wonder is there any religious breakdown for the 50 staff who are being kept on. 86% of the 1,400 were Protestant.

      The religious aspect of Wrightbus is astounding, it’s given £15 million [albeit over six years] to the church of junior but now says it can’t survive because of cash flow difficulties.

  2. eoin

    I’m 2/3 of the way through Edward Snowden’s “Permanent Record” and am now at the point where he discovers the extent of the US government mass surveillance of its citizens. As a member of the intelligence community, Edward tells us the metadata about our communications – telephone calls, emails, internet browsing – is more important than the actual content. That’s interesting.

    Meanwhile in Ireland, in December, our favorite murdering basturb has an appeal at the Supreme Court where the matter at issue is the Irish state’s access to the metadata from our phones.You’ll recall Graham was convicted partly because of the tracking of the location of his phone. The High Court has already ruled the retention by the phone companies of this data for two years is unlawful.


    Think about it. Why should a phone company (and you can bet your ass the Gardai and private investigators can get their hands on it) hold your meta data for two years? Billing queries? Then, why hold it for pay-as-you-go phones. It’s surveillance and Ireland’s very own Presidential Surveillance Program, the controversial US snooping program brought in by George Bush and continued by cool Barack Obama.

    The book is still available at Waterstones, €16. It’s not just America’s shame.

  3. eoin

    Following the launch of Kehoe/Lyons online news platform yesterday, Denis O’Brien’s Communicorp (which owns Newstalk and TodayFM and a handful of other radio stations) has decreed that none of The Currency folk will be allowed on as commentators on Communicorp programmes because it’s a “rival platform”.

    Isn’t that interesting Michael [O’Keeffe, the CEO for 30 years at the BAI which is supposed to monitor media plurality]? The BAI allowed Virgin become an extension of Denis O’Brien’s organisation, with Matt Cooper, Ivan Yates, Pat Kenny and a handful of others who are employed primarily by Communicorp shape the agenda on Ireland’s #2 free to airl TV station. Time for Michael to be shown the door.

  4. eoin

    Latest rents report out from the state-funded agency which holds details of all registered rents.

    Dublin houses, rents up 7% in JUST ONE QUARTER.

    Meath, Kildare,Wicklow apartments up 5% in JUST ONE QUARTER.

    Average Dublin rent €1,713, a new record.

    Average rent increase Dublin annually, 7%. Average rent increase elsewhere, 8%.

    How can that galoot from Ranelagh keep his €170,000 job presiding over this crisis.


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