Infantilising Rules


Movement of Asylum Seekers in Ireland tweetz:

Leitrim Lodge Bed and Breakfast Emergency Direct Provision centre has some seriously infantilising rules. Asylum seekers to remain in their rooms unless using the bathroom. No visitors permitted (prisoners are allowed visitors). Going without food for 15 hours (no food allowed in rooms).

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23 thoughts on “Infantilising Rules

  1. eoin

    Outrageous altogether. I’d bet the asylum seekers from Georgia and Albania, the two countries with the highest numbers of applicants in our syste,, wouldn’t have to put up with that at home. Mind you, they would have to pay for accommodation, heat, water, TV, meals, medical and education.

    The rules above look reasonable in the context of an asylum system that now gives approval or refusal within nine months. You don’t have strangers for the safety of yourself and families and it makes it easier for the owners to ensure your safety and safety of your possessions If you need to meet someone, do it outside or a local coffee shop or shared space. You can have tea or coffee in your room. After three square meals during the day, what more do you need.

    No sane adult would put up with these conditions permanently, but if you’re truly escaping a country with conditions which allow you to claim asylum, they really aren’t all that bad. And it’s all free, so maybe show a little bit of gratitude and not pee reasonable people off.

  2. postmanpat

    Just obey the rule you think are fair and ignore the rest. Just be discrete, simple. Clear language can appear infantilizing but the general public should be more concerned with the amount of money these property owners are gouging the tax payer. What would make everyone happy? Curfew at 1am? visitors out by 9pm? dinner at 6:30? I don’t believe your going to be arrested for eating a stashed roll and drinking tea in you room after hours.

  3. flipper

    You don’t have strangers in the room so you can’t be subletting your room out to other people who might like to share a cheap room .

    The other rules are basically to keep costs to a minimum so that we can help as many people in the world that need help as is possible and so that we don’t waste our aid budget on a lucky few.

    Who posted this critical piece anyway lol,? What a dope.

    1. TMAN

      Nothing wrong with Literacy or empathy in Leitrim the place is on the Navan Road. That’s the Navan road Dublin not Meath

      1. Qwerty123

        Next you will be telling us the likes of the Kilkenny and Avoca shops are in Dublin. The name is the clue, it says Leitrim so it has to be in leitrim

    2. flipper

      They’re literally putting a roof over their head, food in their bellies and washing their clothes and your bleeding heart still isn’t happy lol !!

      The far right exists because there are too many people like you.

      Your need to feel good about yourself is the reason for much of the world’s ills.

      1. Archie

        People being complete and utter me feiners and having no ounce of sympathy for those worse off than themselves might be more the cause of the far right.

        1. flipper

          TIL providing people with hotel style accommodation while you’re processing their application to avail of your country is having no ounce of sympathy.

          cry your tears elsewhere bleeding heart

          1. some old queen

            I know Dublin has a housing crisis but since when did kip gougers get to make the rules?

            They are free to go sez Leo- well dharling- half of the Dub rent boys are now living in such which SHOULD wake you up- unless you don’t actually give a frig of course.

    1. flipper

      Whoever is staying there should really be doing all the work associated with running the place too. Honest work has a value for people and it would certainly enable the keeping down of costs and so allow us help more people down the line.

      What happens when there’s a massive famine in Zimbabwae of wherever and we look to our aid budget to try and help them and it’s empty because we’ve been providing hotel style accommodation to the previous people we were helping?

  4. papa p

    “Going without food for 15 hours (no food allowed in rooms).”

    Going without free food for 15 hours you mean.
    No restriction on you eating food you’ve to pay for yourself outside the house.

  5. Rob_G

    Again, I’m genuinely perplexed that BS continues publishing these posts, and that MASI keeps sending them in – the comments are almost always more-or-less unanimous that the conditions in the B&Bs are fair and reasonable.

        1. flipper

          No. Suppression of opposing views is a fascist tactic and is what happens here regularly.

          Sorry to disappoint you champ.

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