Childcare Out Of Reach


Parents are paying up to 8% more for childcare this year. Figures via the Department of Children and Youth Affairs. The most expensive is Dublin, the cheapest is Carlow.

Via Irish Examiner:

Data collected from 4,000 centres across the country show average full-time fees are now costing €184 per week.

Children’s Minister Dr Katherine Zappone says parents should check the figures being released today to inform themselves about what they can expect to pay for childcare in their area.

Her Department recorded the lowest full-time fees for children aged 2-3 in Co. Carlow at €148 per week, with the highest in Dun Laoghaire/Rathdown in Dublin at €251.

Here are the average weekly childcare costs for each county (Irish Examiner)

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20 thoughts on “Childcare Out Of Reach

    1. postmanpat

      Greed , and the extremely wealthy company owners who hoard cash and criminally underpay their staff are helped along by Zappone who calls the usual press/photo team to claim she does the opposite. Anyone half paying attention would think she’s helping parents but she is only ever helped rich creche owners who she clearly takes money off. Its an insult to the public every time she opens her mouth and speaks her rhetorical nonsense. She has never made intelligent statement on anything ever, whether its hundred of murdered child bones in tanks or little babies being mistreated in day care, she just talks in circles. I don’t know where she came from. Or how to get rid of her, she is a villain, plan and simple.

  1. V

    These tables are still not complete
    Most crèche facilities
    Even the workplace ones
    Charge more for the Baby Room
    And it’s not just a fiver a week either

    I remember my own *experience of paying €880 per month
    Plus – easily another €120 in nappies, wipes, bottles, food – baby under one supplies. Making it a grand a month plus those miserable extras if I was late collecting

    That dropped to €760 and no extra supplies needing to be provided
    Other than a change of clothes, a few pull ups and sun cream when she went into the wobbler room

    My point is that the difference from the fees due when most likely a parent is returning to work from Maternity Leave, majority unpaid btw, when their Baba is in the Baby room is material enough to be reported separately.

    *2004 / 2005

    1. Cian

      Good point.
      There is an additional expense for the crèche as their adult-child ratios are way lower for babies (and rightly so).

      Minimum wage is €9.80; If a crèche open from 7.30 to 6.30 (11 hours) or 55 hours/week. that means it cost €539 to have someone there for the week (@minimum wage). That person can look after three babies, so the pay is €180 per week. That is before employer PRSI. That doesn’t include anything else (insurance, rent), That doesn’t include holiday cover, or lunch cover or anything else.

      Minding babies is a loss-leader for most crèches.

    2. Joe Small

      Ideally a child wouldn’t go into creche under 1. We were able to manage that and were so grateful we could. After 1 they are so much sturdier and you worry so much less.
      We are absolutely delighted with the crèche we use – great staff there for a long time, reasonable fees (by Dublin standards) and the relatively small number of kids there seem so happy. Its pretty much how childcare should be. So lucky given all the expensive baby-minding factories there are out there.

      1. V

        I didn’t have a choice Joe
        She went into the Baby Room at 4 months
        But I was so lucky with the Crèche
        I had no doubts and she thrived there
        They spoiled her rotten
        Even making her favourite dinners especially
        (Fish fingers)

        Moved her to a more local place when it was time for Naonrí
        Which over-all was just as expensive when you add in the school drop offs and collections
        But again very lucky
        A family owned and run créche
        And they also did overnights and weekends which was a great asset for me
        But better again was that it was all minutes from the front door here, even the sleepovers,
        Still all around us, and still always asking about her

        So it breaks my heart to hear the horror stories because I wouldn’t have coped if my Baba was ever exposed to a minute of that

        There are hidden costs to professional childcare that never make these tables
        Especially the after hour arrangements, and the stuff that goes missing

    1. postmanpat

      My advise. Quit school at 16 , hop jobs until you get one that’s bearable with decent pay and conditions. Keep the head down , climb to a handy mid-management level. Use the nightlink when late night socialising , NEVER get into the habit or using Taxis. Don’t take up smoking or vaping. SAVE like a miser . stay in the ma’s gaff and don’t rent. Cycle instead of public transport. Don’t get yourself or anyone pregnant. (pull out for Christ sake)Buy a good second hand car in full if you need one. By thirty you will have the cash to buy most of a house so you wont have to worry about the salary to lend ratio. Minimal/zero mortgage Buy a HOUSE with cash during a recession. Do not buy an apartment, the property ladder hasn’t existed in 15 years and will never exist again. Then, and only then start a family/ go to college/ even better start your own business.

        1. postmanpat

          yup . like a lot of lads I know.Well some stuck it till after the leaving (and later wished they hadn’t bothered) did back in the day and went into apprenticeships they all own their houses and businesses now. unpretentious , interested in plenty of side hobbies. And besides in the wifi world we live in now you can learn all about the fall of the Carthaginian empire and philosophy of Kant while welding a boat or fixing an engine. College is a financial predatory pyramid scheme. Unless you want to be a doctor/ lawyer/ science , then what the point in 4 years of UCD orts? College isn’t for everybody. even if it was free , which it is certainly not. We have a whole generation of college leavers who cant find work or get a mortgage. There’s a lesson to the learned (ignored) there.

          1. Rob_G

            That’s funny, I’ve had the opposite experience: a fair few of my friends who did apprenticeships are, after about 15 years of it, are sick to the back teeth of working on sites, and have gone back to college so they can have a salaried, secure desk job.

            No-one wants to be climbing up ladders every day when they’re 50 (of course, depends on what trade you’ve done).

          2. Joe Small

            I stayed at college for a long, long, time and it worked out pretty well for me. No, not a doctor, lawyer or scientist. Yeah, you can study anything anywhere now but at least in college you have the time to experience things (poetry, drugs, booze, sex, etc.) – doesn’t compare to doing an evening degree after work with two small kids at home.

          3. postmanpat

            well. that’s was my point . 16 to 31 years old working unless you never grew out of blowing the weekly pay check on booze , you should have plenty of cash saved up . Starting college at 30 as a debt free homeowner seems good to me. Granted theirs eggits out here who still party Friday through to Sunday well into their late thirties and are broke all the time , but if your that stupid , you were never going to excel in college in the first place. The point is if your naturally smart or even middling you could have it all. The school/college/job in that strict order is old fashioned and not suited to most people. Most18 year olds should not be makin drastically life altering decisions based on how they did in a clump of exams over a few weeks during one period with no life experience outside the school system. And 4th year doesn’t count. A year (or ten years) off after school working before college is infinity better.

          4. Joe Small

            Starting college aged 30 just makes you a creepy 30 year old mature student trying to hang around with 18 year olds who think you’re 40. No one likes mature students, sorry. Doesn’t work. College is ideally for when you’re young and carefree and you can get the most out of it.

            You have a very odd view of the world postmanpat.

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