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Dr Joe Byrne, of the School of Chemistry at NUI Galway, writes:

I’m co-organising an event on October 2 that might interest your Galwegian readers.

We’re celebrating 100 years since republican-revolutionary-turned-chemistry-professor Tom Dillon  (top) joined the staff at NUI Galway (or UCG, as was) with an evening of science, history and dance…

He was a member of the Irish Volunteers and acted as Chemical Advisor in the 1916 Rising….

Professor Dillon, was appointed Professor of Chemistry in 1919. A century later, and the scientific topics he started exploring, such as the study of carbohydrates and sugars, as well as research into Ireland’s seaweeds, are still relevant…

Thomas Dillon Centenary Carbohydrate Symposium

Centenary Celebration of Chemist, Revolutionary and Academic – Professor Thomas P. Dillon (NUI Galway)

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  1. V

    Ah feck
    I know someone who’d love that

    There’s no way I could get her to Gallimh for it tho’

    Good luck with it

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